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Racial Discrimination in the welcome Table by Alice Walker and Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer - Essay Example

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Racial Discrimination In “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker & “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer Discrimination and prejudice along racial and ethnic lines is the concept common to the poem, “The Welcome Table” by Alice Walker and the story “Country Lovers” by Nadine Gordimer…
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Racial Discrimination in the welcome Table by Alice Walker and Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer
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"Racial Discrimination in the welcome Table by Alice Walker and Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer"

Download file to see previous pages There have been countless stories, poems, novels written on the issue of racial discrimination. Both these short stories reveal that how racial prejudices were so common during that time. They narrate first hand experiences of racial segregations and trials which the suppressed have to go through. It also reveals that other institutions such as religion, education, marriage are also influenced in a racist society and continue to strengthen the divide that is created. Both the stories date back to a time when there was an immense split between the mankind. It was the time of slavery and oppression. Skin color was so important and there was no justification as to why the white were the socially acceptable superior race and black were the social rejects and the outcasts. Black were labeled as the inferior, poor, dirty, ill mannered and associated with all kinds of ill acts like drugs, looting and plundering, rape etc. White were the masters, the supreme, the well mannered who treated the black as slaves. Moreover it strengthened and flourished the gender discrimination. The life of women became more miserable. Lives of black women were even more wretched and pitiful. Firstly they faced oppression in their circle because they were women and they were thought to be the weak. Secondly they countered tyranny because they were black women. They were given all kinds of menial work, they were physically and mentally tortured, they were forced to do exhausting chores etc. Such were the terrible times how women had spent their lives going through the racial discriminations. No kind of opposition was accepted and those who tried to raise their voice were brutally killed and were laid as an example for others to learn from. Hundreds of families and communities suffered torture and were victims of mass killings, brutality and viciousness. Once the liberation movements started, people started becoming aware of their civil rights and liberties. The suppressed masses were guided by strong and influential leaders who showed them the way to hope, light, peace and most of all equality. People like Martin Luther King instilled hope in the people. He showed them the way to end the trials and tribulations in their lives and fight for freedom and parity. He taught the people to fight for an egalitarian society where all kinds of racial, social differences were to be neglected and the black were equal to white in all aspects of life. (Mastin, 2010) Alice Walker, poet of “The Welcome Table” is an African American writer who has written several stories, novels and poems highlighting the difficulties in life of African America women. She suggests those ways of combating the racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination that go alongside them in the American lifestyle. She has also worked during the Civil Rights Movement. The author of “Country Lovers”, Gordimer is a South African writer and political activist. She has written on ethical and racial issues in her country and focused more on the apartheid. Taking this forward, this concern of apartheid is visible in this story as well. The main idea or the theme in any story or poem revolves around certain events and situations that relate to the theme. There is a broad idea which branches down into a number of other thoughts but these thoughts have a firm connection to the main branch which is the chief central idea. Hence together they make up a unique story. Discrimination along racial patterns is the key theme of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Racial Discrimination In The Welcome Table by Alice Walker & Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer
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