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Insights from the for Profit Sector and Business School Deans - Book Report/Review Example

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This report “Insights from the for Profit Sector and Business School Deans” carries out a review of the current processes that are in place at SB, a financial regulatory company that deals with the regulation of nonbank activities, within the context of the existing literature…
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Insights from the for Profit Sector and Business School Deans
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Extract of sample "Insights from the for Profit Sector and Business School Deans"

Download file to see previous pages The first is through the use of a scale that ranks several characteristics that are associated with job-related behavior or personality. It is easier to compare different personality or behavioral traits by ranking them on such a scale. The limitation associated with this method of assessment, however, is that such traits are difficult to measure because they are subjective. The method of self-assessment allows employees to measure their own performance using a structured appraisal form. The advantages associated with this method are that it allows employees to participate in their own appraisal process and facilitates their own self-analysis, which in turn functions as a tool for discussion. The limitation associated with this method, however, is that it permits the application of a too lenient structure and thereby could prove to be a potential source of conflict between the person performing the appraisal and the person whose performance is being appraised. Lastly, the development center method uses BMC Consultancy, which provides a range of individual and group tests and tasks for employees, which are then assessed by trained assessors. This method is the best of the three methods because it (a) allows for the assessment of a range of dimensions and (b) it is objective rather than subjective.
It is significant to note that the current performance management systems at SB may not take into account the impact of leadership patterns on employee performance. The proposals for improvement are primarily based upon improvements to the existing interview process for the employees, such as ensuring a more thorough preparation process for both the appraiser and the appraisee. This report carries out an examination of the existing literature on the impact of leadership patterns on organizational ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Insights from the for Profit Sector and Business School Deans Book Report/Review.
“Insights from the for Profit Sector and Business School Deans Book Report/Review”, n.d.
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