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Role of Private Sector Organizations in Education - Essay Example

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The government is proposing a substantial increase in the role of private sector organizations in education. To what extent do you think that this is an appropriate extension in corporate social responsibility'
Any government's role towards encouraging education to prosper within a country is always commendable…
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Role of Private Sector Organizations in Education
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Extract of sample "Role of Private Sector Organizations in Education"

Download file to see previous pages Bringing the education sector right under the auspices of the private sector is important because there is more check and balance in doing the same and that there are minimal losses, both from the imparting of education as well as the financial standpoint. Also encouraging private sector organizations to come up with different education related and vocational ventures is indeed much needed at present. This is because education is usually the responsibility of the state itself but the people who could impart training regimes and coaching measures are the ones who hail from the private sector, in essence the specialists who know their work well and hence they must be given their due right to express what they can do best. Steps need to be taken to bring them in the forefront so that their undertakings could be further developed from and that there are no grey areas when the talk goes out loud regarding institutionalizing education centers and areas of excellence related with the very same topic. (Levine, 1985) The way in which organizations have adopted the role as the torchbearers for the society when it comes to imparting education, falls directly under the domains of the notion of corporate social responsibility. This is a term that has been spoken of at length within the present day organizational regimes due to the fact that a number of different education programs, social awareness measures, human development initiatives and general reforms have made the rounds of the organizations on a consistent basis and essentially benefited the different publics of the said organizations as well as the society.
Corporate social responsibility can be applied to a business in a very innovative way. The company can invest in the social arena with much return in mind, not in the short-term but of course in the long run. Corporate social responsibility is internal to an organization; it dictates the manner in which it has to plan about the courses of action it has to carry out with respect to the society. This term basically deals with the organization's set of operations that it carries out for the welfare of the society while existing within itself. It helps the humanity in more than one ways, to train and educate them and to ponder upon issues, which can really change the fate of coming civilizations. (Berkhout, 2005) It all comes under this heading of corporate social responsibility. The Government must play its role in harnessing the skills attached with the corporate sector in finding out the better means in which it can benefit the society. For that certain loans and grants can also be fixed for a certain company depending on its market level in the business world. Extensive research has found that corporate responsibility is becoming an essential part of any company's day-to-day undertakings. Thus, the responsibility played by the government as well as the citizens in this regard should be quite eloquent and expressive. Their voice is given due value by the company and it does just about everything to get more and more customers and consumers which in turn excites it to search for better means to get the very same people. This, in turn, attracts the company to sponsor big events and sports galas, competitions as well as come towards social welfare ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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