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The Role of Privat Sector in Education - Case Study Example

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Education is important for the advancement of the human life. Since the time of early Greek philosophers who introduced the concept of formal education, the education sector has developed to be one of them most important basic sector to all people in life…
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The Role of Privat Sector in Education
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Download file to see previous pages In many countries, the role of providing education has been left as a responsibility of the government. The government has therefore played an important role in ensuring all children have had access to quality education that helps them achieve their best in life. In the United States, the role of probed education has been left as a duty of the federal government. The united state has followed important decision that has been made by international bodies like the United Nations which has declared it the right of each and every child to access education. (Glanda 2003, p. 8)
But the burden of providing education to the citizens has been weighing heavy on the government and there has been a call for the involvement of the private sector in providing education to the public. As a result the private sector has responded well and there have been many efforts by the private sector to address the needs of education of the state. This has been as a result of call by the government and from other stakeholders in the education sector on the need to have an education that is quality and relevant to the needs of the public (Bates 2002, p. 69)
This paper will look at how the private sector can be involved in the provision of education to the citizens. It will look at how the private sector can be major players in the education sector. ...
It is a sector that is independent from the control of the state. The private sector is an important sector in the economy as it supplements the government efforts in poisoning goods and services to the public. Therefore we can say that the private sector is a part of a nation but which is owned by individuals. The private sector is aimed at making profit unlike the government which is aimed at providing social welfare services to the citizens.
The private sector provides a various of goods and service. But most of the services it provides are not that basic in nature. The government ensures that it take to the provision of basic services to the citizens. Therefore the private sector is involved in the provision of goods and services that supplements those that are provided by the government. For example, the private sector is involved in production of goods and services. However in the recent past there has been increased involvement of the private sector in the works of the government. In this regard, the private sector has made contributions in the health sector where the government has now come up with a comprehensive policy that addressed the needs of every citizen. (Coombe 2001, p. 20)
In supplementing the efforts of the government, the private sector is involved in a number of ways. The recent trend in many countries has been that of delegating some of the government service to the private sector. Unlike the government, the private sector is known for efficiency in its work. This is because it is more oriented at providing the best goods and service since it operates in a competitive environment. Therefore the government has been delegating some ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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