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The information outlines entrepreneurship concepts from commencement to the level of business execution. Komisar provides an insight into the investor’s viewpoint when…
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The Monk & The Riddle
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The Monk & The Riddle Besides outlining valuable entrepreneurship lessons, Komisar provides information on leadership in the book. The information outlines entrepreneurship concepts from commencement to the level of business execution. Komisar provides an insight into the investor’s viewpoint when assessing the market size, product market share, and team granted to perform the job. My understanding of entrepreneurship refers to the ability and willingness to develop, establish, and manage a business scheme along with any of its risks in order to create a profit. From my point of view, has a basis on profitability. My viewpoint contradicts Komisar’s concepts that attribute losses or failures to have close relations to entrepreneurship. It is surprising that Komisar relates failure as justified in entrepreneurship while associating factors such as interest as sole motivators of innovation.
Komisar’s adventure with the Monk through their trip up hill and back without paying for the services contradicts entrepreneurial primary and core goals (Kosimar 5). Komisar’s actions involve shifting of entrepreneurship focus from harnessing the motivation to make profits. Instead, Komisar advocates pursuit for passion, gaining experience and satisfaction as vital entrepreneurial goals. I believe an individual’s success in relation to entrepreneurship involves gaining and earning profit from initial capital investments. Similarly, it is surprising that Komisar recommends his own experience involving loss value in as a means of success in entrepreneurship. Based on my viewpoint, Komisar’s perception is surprising in relation to other entrepreneurial contexts because it involves accepting losses and lack of vision in developing an enterprise can cause failure.
Lenny is a visionary character and ready to make bold decisions. I perceive Lenny as possessing boldness because of his willingness to interact and share his problems. He identified that Randy could assist him. Based on my viewpoint, Lenny’s character can allow him to take risks and, therefore, is a great entrepreneur. Randy expressed willingness to listen to Lenny for several reasons. First, Randy is passionate to assist individuals who are confident to take the most for their entrepreneurial roles. I perceive Randy as a proud character who believed he understood other people better than they did (Komisar 23). Risk takers such as Lenny are always willing to bet everything for their urge to set up entrepreneurial enterprises. Second, Randy expressed concern about the plight of individuals struggling to set up businesses. His attention to Lenny was a strategy to express his zeal for helping aspiring entrepreneurs.
Deferred life plan is a concepts defined in two steps according to Randy (Komisar 83). The first step involves an individual performing doing what they have an obligation to execute. In the second step, individuals perform things that satisfy their passion. The deferred life plan entails distinguishing between passion and drive. The deferred life tends to explain the difference that exists between career and profession. In most instances, individuals tend to engage in professions that they least understand. Their passion is the central factor that prompts them to engage in careers they understand. Passion is associated to success because most individuals perform best in sectors informed by passion. Passion inspires individuals to retry even in cases of failure.
Lenny’s career life evolves from being an amateur internet company owner to a professional manager. The author, Komisar, successfully shifts Lenny’s motivation from monetary rewards to passion. Lenny learns the various qualities of becoming a successful company CEO. Komisar expresses Lenny’s development through initial phase of its startup (Komisar 38). Lenny learns that being passionate in everything an individual performs is a fundamental factor of success.
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Komisar, Randy. The Monk and the Riddle: The Education of a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur. Boston, Mass: Harvard Business School, 2000. Print. Read More
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