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Spa Services in Chewton Glen Hotel and Country Club - Case Study Example

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The study “Spa Services in Chewton Glen Hotel and Country Club” explores the strengths of the named companies, classifies the industry sector in which they operate, service characteristics relevant to the discussed case, brand extensions which these businesses would consider in their portfolio.  …
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Spa Services in Chewton Glen Hotel and Country Club
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Download file to see previous pages The most basic characteristic of spa service is intangibility. It means that services cannot be touched, felt, seen or tasted in the way products can be done. It is because of the intangible nature of services that it cannot be stored. Intangibility also makes it difficult for customers to judge the quality of the service unless they experience it. It is also difficult to communicate or advertise a service to the customer compared to products. The cost per unit of service is also difficult to estimate. There is a complex relationship between price and quality.
The service of a spa is intangible. Customers cannot see, taste or feel the service unlike products unless they experience it.  In order to minimize the effect of intangibility, the spa industry is trying to come up with innovative services to provide a better experience to the guests. On a worldwide basis spa tourism is being promoted actively. The spa service providers are investing heavily on providing services like shiatsu messages which increase the energy flow of the body and calms out the soul, using natural elements to rejuvenate the skin, detoxification programs and so on. The spa industry is segmenting the market to understand the needs of the visitors and accordingly coming out with services to cater to the needs of a target segment. The spa industry is minimizing the effect of intangibility by advertising the services and the atmosphere in which the spa can offer such services. This helps the visitors to get some idea regarding the spa which thus reduces intangibility.
- Heterogeneity: The fact that the quality of services is based on performance and the needs and wants of customers vary gives rise to heterogeneity. Heterogeneity in case of services primarily results from human interactions between the service provider and the visitor. A customer may not be able to articulate what exactly he wants and similarly, the service provider may not be able to explain what exactly he is offering.
In order to minimize the effect of heterogeneity, the spas are becoming much more focused on what they have to offer. They have catalogs in which the services they plan to offer are well defined along with the price. This helps the visitors to pick up the service according to their need thus minimizing heterogeneity.
- Simultaneous Production and Consumption: Contrary to products which are first produced and then consumed, services are first sold and then consumed and produced simultaneously. For example, when a customer visits a spa, he first agrees to buy the service and it is only after that he is able to experience the service. It means that the production and consumption of the service take place in presence of the customer. The satisfaction of the customer is entirely dependent on real-time attributes and is highly dependent on what happens while the service is being consumed.
In order to reduce the effect of simultaneous production and consumption, the employees in a spa are well trained. They are very well mannered and through their interactions with the visitor makes him feel comfortable and relaxed.
- Perishability: The nature of services is such that it cannot be stored, saved, returned or resold. In the case of products, it can be resold or returned to the producer if the customer is unsatisfied with it. However, it is not the same in the case of services which makes it a highly vulnerable industry. An unsatisfied customer is not likely to return back for the service and moreover spreads negative word of mouth publicity.
In order to woo customers to come back to the spa again, the spa owners are coming out with new services like “sleep rooms” which is usually availed by a customer more than once. Some spas are also selling their creams and lotions through high stores which minimize the effect of perishability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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