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On Target Is a for Businessmen - Book Report/Review Example

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This book review analyses the book "On target" written by Laura Rowley. This paper outlines Target's strategy,  bargains, customers, Target's advertising and promotion and the way for businessmen and young entrepreneurs to achieve success…
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On Target Is a Book for Businessmen
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Download file to see previous pages How come in just a blink of an eye, everything they have put up crashed down into pieces?
In this modern-day challenge of the global recession, of economic downturns, this book On Target by Rowley, Laura is a must-read book for businessmen and young entrepreneurs alike for them to learn some effective measures on establishing a business that will succeed and will endure for a lifetime. It covers topics such as distinctive differences of Target from any other retail companies; the right stuff including the merchandises on sale, store design, floor plan, and creative and visionary staff; award-winning advertising and promotions; use of media celebrities, creative designers in promoting and producing products; its philanthropic activities to schools through donations coming from percentages taken from credit card holders’ charges; and challenges that the company faces in this age of globalization and worldwide recession.
On Target is a very informative and inspiring book about a very successful retail company, “Target.” The first part of the book deals with how Target is different from any other retail department store like Wal-Mart. Rowley (p.17) mentions that Target is different from other retailers in terms of quality merchandises offered at cheaper prices; its team members’ motto, “Fast, Fun, and Friendly;” welcoming environment with easy to navigate racetrack floor plan, well-organized displays, very clean, very spacious and numerous cashiers to accommodate customers; image campaign through its award-winning distinctive advertising ads and promotional activities; its website and Customer Relationship Management Systems whereby customers can access their database to check product price, features and customers’ evaluation; and of course its philanthropic activity of offering one percent for every purchase of customer using credit card.  These donations from credit card holders through Target go to schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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