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Strange Defeat by Marc Bloch - Book Report/Review Example

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This paper analyses the book "Strange Defeat" by Marc Bloch, where he  explores both social and military factors, that had diluted the national solidarity of France. Marc Bloch was a renowned historian and a Resistance fighter who was later executed by the Nazis.  …
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Strange Defeat by Marc Bloch
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Extract of sample "Strange Defeat by Marc Bloch"

Download file to see previous pages He concluded quite harshly that the immediate cause of the defeat was the total incompetence displayed by the High Command. In the book he also explores all the other factors, both social and military, that had had diluted the national solidarity of France.
All historians generally agree that in the history of modern Europe, the French military defeat of 1940 was one of the greatest military disasters. It took just six weeks for the French army to collapse. German tanks, supported by the infantry and mechanized forces and a formidable air force, swept through France cutting off Allied forces and supply lines in a move that came to be known as The Cut of the Sickle. The French military was routed and all organized resistance collapsed. What led to this collapse, the correctness of the decisions taken at that time is all a matter of debate. Many French politicians and military leaders during investigations claimed that they had tried their best to defend France but could not succeed because France had already decayed to an extent that it became impossible for them. One of the most important and one of the earliest works about the defeat was written in 1940 by Marc Bloch. His Strange Defeat: A Statement of Evidence is not an historical analysis. He did not have access to any record or documentation to make a historical analysis. His is an insightful book giving us details and arguments about the flaws that led to the collapse of the army. His arguments cover the Intelligence, the system of the Army that was beleaguered by confusion, poor strategy and lack of communication and the nature of the French people themselves.
Bloch had served during World War I and World War II and hence is able to give number of reasons and arguments as to why the French army, even though it was better equipped than the Germans, collapsed so suddenly. His arguments are different from what one has learnt in school. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strange Defeat by Marc Bloch Book Report/Review.
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