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Lockheed Martin as a Model for Ethics in an Organization - Term Paper Example

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"Lockheed Martin as a Model for Ethics in an Organization" paper focuses on Martin Corporation’s ethics program which is regarded as the best in the country today but that is because of the serious controversies that it was subjected to on account of defense scandals and breaches of export laws…
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Lockheed Martin as a Model for Ethics in an Organization
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Extract of sample "Lockheed Martin as a Model for Ethics in an Organization"

Download file to see previous pages Lockheed Martin (LM) had been focusing on petty issues like how to respond to a chain letter from the supervisor or how to deal with an employee who steals his child’s school supplies from the company (Guenther, 2000). They did not allow whistle blowing and there no ethical codes of conduct laid down. In 1997 McDonnell Douglas hired an engineer away from LM who carried with him all proprietary documents. Later that year McDonnell Douglas merged with Boeing, rivals to LM and in 2005 LM and Boeing decided to merge their space-rocket business and came into agreement to drop their litigation over the stolen rocket-contract information (Gates & Mundy, 2006). They could be barred from defense contracts and denied export licenses for both military and commercial sales. There was public cry against the lobbying firms, law firms and the defense contractors. This is known as the “iron triangle” in Washington. The officials in the DOD have been former employees of the defense contractors (Cummings, 2007). The members of congress are handsomely paid lobbyists all working for defense contractors. The ex-vice president for strategy and planning of LM became responsible for the foreign policy platform which was responsible for the dramatic increase in defense spending. While he was the vice-president at LM, he also served as the president of the US committee to expand NATO, a nongovernmental pressure group.

Once the issue was identified the stakeholders were taken into account. There have been allegation that after Bush came to power, LM’s revenues soared up by 30% and it was awarded $17 billion on contracts from the DOD. Whatever is the rationale for invasion of Iraq, business for LM soared to unprecedented heights as all lobbyists, law firms and consultants shared a common link with LM (Cummings). This was the general trend at LM which demonstrates lack of any ethical values or culture. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Lockheed Martin as a Model for Ethics in an Organization Term Paper - 1.
(Lockheed Martin As a Model for Ethics in an Organization Term Paper - 1)
Lockheed Martin As a Model for Ethics in an Organization Term Paper - 1.
“Lockheed Martin As a Model for Ethics in an Organization Term Paper - 1”.
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