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Lockheed Martin Name Institution Lockheed Martin Company’s Profile Lockheed Martin is the largest corporation that provides services and products in the United States. For the past decades, the company has had a superb reputation in the field of technology based on how it serves its customers and convert them to frequent and potential customers…
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Lockheed Martin
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Download file to see previous pages The willingness and determination of executive management has played a significant role in establishing future growth in the present and even in the years to come. In essence, Lockheed Martin Corporation has a strong management team, which for the past years has helped the company stay ahead of its competitors. The persistence and determination towards the fulfilment of its mission and visions rests in the management team. The company has a strong culture that boosts talent development on its skilled employees. This builds a strong team that understands the goals and objectives of the company and how they can attain them. The primary purpose of the company is to offer professional improvement in an appropriate way that meets the needs and expectations of clients and shareholders. Thus far, the aim of this paper is to discuss the management area of Lockheed Martin Company and in doing will discuss its mission statement, short term, long term goals. Mission Statements To Hartung (2011), the company’s mission statement is straightforward, to be dynamic, ethical, and technology oriented in the global market. This corporation believes that innovation is the key to success. With this, the company helps the clients achieve the best products and services that suits the needs of the 21st technology world. The company provides the highest standards of ethical conducts in all they do, which as a result, helps in converting the first clients to frequent and potential clients. The company believes that integrity and honesty is the cornerstone of the business’s success. It recognizes that success can only be achieved if the business strives to abide by the laws implemented in the United States and other countries. The company recognizes that its success and growth as an enterprise depends on the skills, expertise, and talent of people and the ability to work as an integrated team. The company appreciates diversity and foster a positive relationship among the colleagues, partners, clients, and the management team. Overall, the company understand the importance and its mission and creates a strong ground where employees understand it and work towards attaining the set goals and objectives. Lockheed strives to flourish in every aspect of its business with determination and perseverance to succeed regardless of any obstacle that comes the way. The company believes that it has what it takes to be competitive in the 21st century where technology has peaked well. As technology advance from one level to the other, the company intends to embrace every opportunity that would make the company succeed in the 21st world. The management team understand that innovation is the key aspect to growth. The management team understand the importance of its mission and strive to embrace ever challenge with right attitude and determination to succeed (Hartung, 2011), Short Terms Goals Some of the short-term goals include increasing in sales and revenues. On a month basis, the company calculates the total sales and revenues and thereafter makes the judgement on whether the company has achieved its target sales and revenues. On a monthly basis, the corporation conducts an assessment, which helps the management team to access areas that need improvement. With this, one would argue that one of the Lockheed’s short term goals is to satisfy clients with best products and services, which satisfy their needs and wants. Still, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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