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Organizational Ethics - Term Paper Example

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The focus of this paper is on Organizational Ethics. The way the organization responds to its internal and external stimuli is perceived as the ethics of the organization. The ethics in an organization is however dealt from two varied points of approaches…
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Organizational Ethics
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Extract of sample "Organizational Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages Nevertheless, the organizations that fail to impose few business ethics and practices fail to have a good perception in the market irrespective of the legal positions. The essay would view the Organizational Ethics from a business perspective and assess the role of stakeholders in developing and maintaining them.

Organizational Ethics. Organizations focus upon building a set of ethical practices in respect to its employees and community that it operates in. Velasquez (1982) suggested that it has been observed in the market that the organizations that follow ethical practices achieve higher sales and increases the market stability by retaining the talents and attracting new skilled competent employees. The human capital result in building an atmosphere within the business that practices the culture of ethics in its processes. (2014) observed the basic elements of ethical practices and creates culture by introducing the following:
-Written code of conduct
- Ethics training for executives, managers, and stakeholders
- Supervision over the practice of ethical behavior
- Feedback collection from consumers and stakeholders to oversee ethical practices.
Build upon the former the seven elements of the ethical organization follows the elements in its folds to build the bedrock for a strong ethical process and practice (Matthews, 2014).

Build upon the former the seven elements of the ethical organization follows the elements in its folds to build the bedrock for a strong ethical process and practice (Matthews, 2014).
Respect: The mutual respect of the business stakeholders with the business and its surroundings is the key to this phase. Therefore an ethical business builds upon the suppliers and stakeholder’s association with other ethical people and organization to keep its image in public clean.

Honor: Castro (1994) suggested that people are a fundamental part of good ethical practice and are ambassadors of the business to its external environment to exemplify the organizational ethical backgrounds. The mutual honor between business and its stakeholders is a strong bed for ethical conduct development.
Integrity: Integrity is the virtue of performance as promised. Therefore, the mutual level of trust between Organization and the employees needs to be high so that both of them practices the ethical norms, eventually enhancing organizational ethics. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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