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The basic motive of this project is to describe the existent writer's relationships in order to investigate the ethics aspect of each group. The list of organizations includes family, college group, Intimate Sexual Relationship, Local Volunteer Group and Staff of a fast-food restaurant…
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Organizational Ethics Case Study
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Organizational Ethics
List of Organizations I Belong
i. Primary Groups
My family
My College Group
Intimate Sexual Relationship
ii. Secondary Groups
Local Volunteer Group
Staff of a fast-food restaurant
Purpose and Mission of Each Organization
I am a member of my family by birth. Primarily, my family offers a sense of belonging and identity, and provides emotional and economic support. I meet with my family members face-to-face on a daily basis; hence I derive a significant amount of warmth and familiarity from all family members. The mission statement adopted by my family is: to become good stewards of virtues like honesty and kindness in a manner that enriches our characters so that we may always live happily and fulfilled.
College Group
I am a member of my college group because of our institution’s academic policies which requires that every student must belong to an academic-oriented group. The main purpose of my college group is to promote discussion learning and to encourage students’ participation in team work. Mission statement for my college group is: to harness creativity and participation through academic forums and discussions so that members can build their cooperation and team work skills.
I am a member of my intimate sexual relationship because of the romantic love and passionate attachment towards my partner. Primarily, the purpose of my intimate relationship is to enhance emotional closeness and eliminate loneliness in my life. Also, the relationship plays a significant role in enriching my sexual life. A casual mission statement for my intimate relationship is: to promote love, laughter and trust through friendship and fun so that we can achieve happiness and emotional satisfaction.
Volunteer Group
I belong to my local volunteer group because I am a practicing philanthropist. The main purpose of my belonging to the volunteering group is to harvest the altruistic benefits from charitable deeds towards the less fortunate in the community. The mission statement adopted by the local volunteering group is: to promote the impact of volunteer power and civic involvement in a way that maximizes the direct benefits of volunteering to local community members.
Fast-Food Restaurant
I am a staff member of the local fast-food restaurant for economic reasons. I work at the restaurant for three hours each day so that I can earn supplementary income to finance my personal needs. The main purpose of my fast-food restaurant is to provide a conducive but challenging working environment for staff members. The mission statement for the restaurant is: to provide terrific dining experiences to customers through excellent customer service and high staff competency.
Identifiable Conflicts between the Organizations
One identifiable conflict exists between my family and my membership at the local fast-food restaurant. After school, my family needs to spend the evening hours with me. Unfortunately, my role at the fast-food restaurant takes most of my evening time, leaving few hours for family time. This instance of time unavailability is a common cause of substantial conflict between work and family (Sims, 2012). Another identifiable conflict exists between my volunteering group and my college group. Almost all members of my college group are not part of local volunteering groups. Therefore, they schedule group meetings arbitrarily without considering my occupation with volunteering work. As a result, I have to inflexibly juggle between my college group and my volunteer group.
Sims, A. (2012). Ethics and Organizations: Understanding Ethics as a Learning Process. Pittsburg: John Wiley & Sons. Read More
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Organizational Ethics Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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