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How Setting Goals Lead to Success - Essay Example

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The paper "How Setting Goals Lead to Success" describes that goals give a direction in all areas of success, be it in personal life or career.  It gives a purpose to carry on with a particular task.  Working on a well-set goal gives hope and determination to succeed in all activities.  …
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How Setting Goals Lead to Success
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Download file to see previous pages Goal setting is one of the most likely natural things that we do as humans.  We tend to move from one region to the other with goals.  The challenge is that most people fail to harness the power of it fully.  Therefore, I learned that there is a magic in setting goals.  More specifically, a written down goals is essential towards my success as the writing clarifies my thoughts.  It helps in committing towards something that I am passionate about, be it in the short term or the long run.  Therefore, a well-written goal instils the inspiration on how to move forward having the goal in mind (Rouillard, 2010).Goals give a direction in all areas of success, be it in personal life or career. It gives a purpose to carry on with a particular task. Working on a well-set goal gives hope and determination to succeed in all activities. Without goals, it is rather difficult to focus and to have a direction in a particular task. Therefore, goal setting provides a benchmark for determining whether one is succeeding or not. A well-set goal is a secret to success. As the saying goes, “a goal well set is halfway accomplished” (Rouillard, 2010). Setting goals is the foremost and the most important step towards any achievement in life. The action level, as well as the action itself, stands as the catalyst to turn a particular goal, which is inert, into something that is dynamic. Therefore, to realize the objectives, it is recommendable to know how to set the goals. It is not a matter of merely saying, “I want it, “ and it happens all of a sudden. Goal setting starts with a careful consideration of what should be achieved and ends with hard work in the process of obtaining it. At the intermediate, there are rules that one has to embrace to make the set goals a success (Rouillard, 2010). The rules noted as follows. At the foremost, it is important to set a goal that motives a person. It is substantial that the set goal is valuable to the setter, and similarly, there should be an interest in the outcome. It is important to set goals that relate to the high priorities in life. Without such focus, it is possible to end up with too many goals leaving less time to devote to each objective. Hence, goal achievement needs a commitment to maximizing the likelihood of success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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