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Management and development of people assessment 1 - Essay Example

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They largely perform the work of making decisions and solving problems. Problem-solving and decision-making involve selecting issues that require attention, setting goals, and formulating the…
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Management and development of people assessment 1
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Download file to see previous pages Many organisations in the modern competitive and dynamic business environment are confronted with many such problems every day. These problems range from the choice of investments and efficiency of operation to the issues of product development. In getting things done the right way in organisations, managers rely on the workforce. How best the employees are motivated in the execution of duties in an institution mainly depends on the management and leadership style adopted. Human resources are the most valuable assets on which any institution that seeks excellence should establish real strength and pride (Armstrong, 2012).
The leadership style adopted by Steve Jobs is participative although coupled with aspects of Taylorism. The greatest virtue demonstrated in his leadership is that of getting involved in the doing of things as opposed to instructing others only. Steve Jobs as the CEO of the Apple Company was described as an inspirational, charming and passionate leader. He was highly praised for his creativity and innovation that placed the Apple Company in the class of the most valuable company in the world. However, Taylorism comes in when he desires only the ‘A players in whatever organisations he worked for. As a leader, Steve Jobs adopted a dedicated and an even obsessive approach to work. He shared a keen vision of the change he wanted to create for the Apple Company. Jobs set very high standards for both himself and everyone that worked with him. The majority traits that Jobs displayed in his long leadership for the Apple Company were the critical success factors for the company that leads the market even today. He showed the value of working with people who are highly qualified and in pursuit of highly set standards. The aspect of setting standards and collectively pursuing them draws from the Goal-setting Theory. His working with people in the Company to achieve results is a value worth borrowing by the present day managers ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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