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Values - Essay Example

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The values determine ones priorities and are the measures that tell one’s direction of life. Values influences a person’s behavior and attitude. Whenever one has a challenge,…
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Extract of sample "Values"

Download file to see previous pages What is it that they were doing? Moreover, who were the people who contributed to the happiness? What specific factors contributed to the happiness? An individual should identify the times when they felt more fulfilled and satisfied as well as the factors that contributed to their success (Taylor & Thomas, p. 21)
Firstly, one of the values is respect for people. Respect for people’s lives regardless of gender, age, religion, and race. It is important to value people, be it at home or at work. Respect for peoples values, cultures, opinions and suggestions are crucial. At work, valuing each other is a practice that leads to team success because all opinions and suggestions made by fellow colleagues are valued. In addition, people work as a team and achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The second value is freedom to succeed. Giving freedom to others and oneself, freedom to succeed shows how a person trusts themselves and other people. This makes one become more open to challenges and come up with quick solutions on how they respond to the opportunities they create. To give others the freedom to succeed means giving others a chance to grow and develop themselves. The third value is always striving to be the best. This means setting high targets and standards in whatever an individual does and working hard to exceed the set target. It always involves improving and learning new things every day. In addition, one should set small and big goals and ensure that they meet them. The fourth value is being proud of whatever it is an individual does. It is important for people to love their occupations. The fifth value is keeping time. Time is an irreversible resource and requires maximum utility. For example, when given a specific assignment, it is safer doing the assignment on time. It is disappointing to hand in assignments late. If it is a project, have a plan and a list of all the tasks a person ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Values Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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Family Values changed drastically since those days. It is evident, that the youth has been given more freedom than they can handle, and in a world with an infinite number of opportunities both for right and in wrong with the distinctions between the two not always being clear. Accordingly, sometimes even the youths themselves cannot tell apart what is right and wrong and just follow their instincts and peers or whatever they see on TV and the internet (Trissler, 2012). While both school and parents attempt to instill values on children today, there is no clear definition of roles, and none of the two parties is fully charged with the responsibility. As a result, parents rarely contribute to inculcating the much-needed values in their children...
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Values Paper

...recognizes the importance of not permitting his personal feelings, animosities or friendships and prejudices to influence his decisions. He vows to enforce the law appropriately and courteously without malice, fear or favor and never to use unnecessary force or violence. Our Core Values Convict the guilty Protect victims Protect the innocent from wrongful conviction Maintain order Protect both the innocent and guilty from oppressive or arbitrary treatment Secure public confidence and cooperation in policing and prosecution; and Pursue these goals effectively and efficiently without disproportionate cost and consequent harm to other public services Our core values relate to the criminal justice agency’s...
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... when necessary and always being honest. Compare your values to the CJ value of statement Most of my values go in line with those of the criminal agency statement of values. We both believe in having a positive attitude, upholding honesty and integrity at all times, and working under minimum supervision among others. However, there is a disparity when it comes to loyalty. I hold that loyalty should be kept only when it is necessary. For example, in case an agency is exploiting people, it significant to tell the truth (Kraemer, 2011). Describe how people acquire and change values Everyone is guided by values; the difference is that we vary on how intensely we hold each our values. This is linked to how our values have been molded during...
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..., respect, service simplicity and joy. These values were also very influential in the history of both Romans and Greeks and were clearly brought up by various authors in their literature. One Franciscan value that was prevalent in a majority of the pieces of literature during this century is the value of compassion. The Franciscan value of compassion refers to the act of empathizing with others and sharing in their misery. Compassion is a very important component of leadership where leaders are expected to respond to the needs of their subjects and uplift them when they feel disillusioned. The value of compassion as understand by Franciscans is therefore...
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Personal Values

... of the firm. There is a great deal of focus on customer satisfaction and loyalty within the company. I found these values highly impressive and since they were reflected in the way things were done at Kudler, I feel they were more than just words. Kudler believes that it doesn't need to lower its prices to draw more customers. It wants to retain its existing customers and attract potential ones with the help of a different strategy. This is a good strategy and I believe that the firm understands that it is not always the price that matters. Kudler knows that the people who appreciate its products are quality conscious people and hence it is the product itself which is important to them and not the price. Thus Kudler has not made Price...
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Shared Values

... Shared Values Shared values are internal values that people have in common with other people. These can be widespread across entire societies, such as the basic principles of Christianity within a large church setting, or they can be more focused, such as the spirit of teamwork held within a single household. Values can apply to any aspect of life as well, such as feeling dedicated to the principles of beauty and art or to the solid facts and figures of truth. These are the values compared in Emily Dickinson’s poem “I Died for Beauty” that were also strong in my own home growing up. In Dickinson’s poem, the narrator says she died for beauty but her graveyard neighbor died for truth. When I read this, I thought of artists who were...
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...the values of the American culture. Terminator II is one of such movies, which integrates some of the main American cultural values, such as, love for humanity, ethnicity, family, positive change, and personal control. Let us discuss how Terminator II embeds these cultural values in its story and filmmaking. Love for humanity is a true cultural aspect of America. In Terminator II, John acts against the TY-800’s efforts to kill humanity. John’s belief regarding killing of humanity truly reflects the mindset of American people. No matter whether a person is a close relative or a stranger, there is no reason to kill because it is considered a very immoral act in America. Change is...
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Family values

... for the fulfilment of all the needs and requirements of the members. “The family is an intimate social setting where the child first experiences love, care and attention that eventually help in launching him/her into the bigger environment.” (Cruz et al., 2011:3) Hence, it is the moral obligation of the members to abide by these values for the strengthening of the family unit. If any member is in some trouble, or suffering from mental agony, illness or physical problem, the entire family should remain deeply worried till the solution of the problem as well as till his convalescence from the ailment. Another distinguished family value to be followed is the mutual respect and unity, which is rare in any other social institution. The enemy...
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Jesuit Values

...Jesuit Values The term “magis” is very important to the Jesuit faith, and refers to the act of doing more for God which in turn allows us to do morefor other people. It plays a huge part in the Jesuit belief in action and decision making, as it helps guide a Jesuit toward making the decision that is right based on intuition and God’s faith. The belief in the magis also gives spiritual guidance based around making the right decision based on Jesus and the Jesuit faith in Him. This spiritual guidance is a very important Jesuit value and one that plays a strong role in my life, as faith in God and His power to guide allow us to make the right choices in His eyes and guide us towards a true path of goodness. Everyone experiences struggles...
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School Values

...and safeguard the desires of their parents. In low-income society, education plays a significant role in creating socio-political awareness among the illiterate population. The school values should meet the system values much needed in the society (Prasad, 2006). Values are the ideals that an individual, family, organization, and community seek. Parents mould their children according to their cultural beliefs and values. When enrolled in a given institutions, it important that the school values promote the beliefs and values of the parents. School values that do not recognize the cultural beliefs and...
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