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PROMOTION in the Merchandising Environment - Glamourflage - Part 5-10 of the Project - Essay Example

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PROMOTION in the Merchandising Environment - Glamourflage - Part 5-10 of the Project
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Extract of sample "PROMOTION in the Merchandising Environment - Glamourflage - Part 5-10 of the Project"

Download file to see previous pages Glamourflage has a variety of tailor-made products which guarantee beauty, gun and joy! If you want to spice up your holiday, then you should try it out.
In the current market, social media has grown to become a very critical promotional tool. Therefore, staying in contact with the clients on social media platforms will allow Glamourflage to create a personal bond and relationship with the clients. Moreover, the social media platforms will act as a communication avenue through which the clients can learn more about the products. To achieve this, three social media platforms will be used. These are Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.
Being one of the most widely used social media platform, Glamourflage will use Facebook as the primary way of socially interaction with the clients. Through Facebook, the brand can showcase its products and portray itself as a fun brand through various pictures, announcements and postings from satisfied clients. Personal videos will also be posted in the page so that client awareness is created. Clients will be encouraged to tag their friends and share the pictures and posts in the page. The Facebook page will have several options as shown below.
Glamourflage will have its own Instagram page. The content in the Instagram page will be in line with what has been posted in the Facebook page. The various posts on the consumer experience, pictures of the products and the videos from the clients will also be shared on the Instagram page. By doing this, more clients will be attracted to post their pictures and share with others how the Glamourflage products has make skin caring process ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(PROMOTION in the Merchandising Environment - Glamourflage - Part 5-10 Essay)
PROMOTION in the Merchandising Environment - Glamourflage - Part 5-10 Essay.
“PROMOTION in the Merchandising Environment - Glamourflage - Part 5-10 Essay”, n.d.
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