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Sales promotion campaign - Essay Example

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These consumers are characterized by an emphasis on the idea of quality, a fact that has several advisors concerned about simply transferring the strategy used in Ireland to…
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Sales promotion campaign
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Extract of sample "Sales promotion campaign"

Download file to see previous pages The main target demographic is comprised primarily of upwardly mobile middle class white collar workers interested in maintaining a certain status of success who typically already have well-defined ideas of what types of drinks are appropriate for their position in life.
According to Hugh Archibald, chairman of the National Association of Cider Makers, “drinkers in England have a deep-rooted perception of cider as a rustic ‘alternative’ drink” (cited in C&C, n.d.). Recognizing value in a product is a quality most Britons pride themselves on, particularly in the larger cities among the prime demographic group. Among these consumers, image is important in helping to develop this perception of quality. “UK consumers know about quality, they have an expert knowledge of organic products and what is good for them. They understand that quality is important” (Vyse, 2005). If Magners can position itself as a product that offers higher quality and therefore greater value for the money spent, it can repeat its Ireland success throughout Great Britain as well. It will be the objective of this campaign to boost sales of Magners Cider in Great Britain to reflect a closer relationship to the 24% market share currently enjoyed in Scotland.
To bring attention to the organic nature of Magners Cider while still emphasizing a modern appeal, a sales campaign that focuses on addressing modern issues and technologies should be utilized. To bring the focus of the consumer onto the apples used in the production process, Magners can print up specialized packaging that includes a special apple icon denoting a percentage of the sales price will be donated to a children’s charity group. For those consumers who purchase their cider primarily at the pubs, specialized apple promotional materials can be created that can identify those pubs ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sales Promotion Campaign Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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There are Five different methods which are adopted for promotion, that are (1) Public Relations (2) Advertising (3) Publicity (4) Sales Promotion (5) Personal selling. The decision of the Promotional mix is related to budget availability for funds promotion, nature of the market and the product and the stage of the product life cycle.
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