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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results - Essay Example

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OThe reporter underlines that operations management involves designing, executing and controlling business operations that transform available resources into finished goods & services that are desirable…
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Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results
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Download file to see previous pages Two crucial functions in the McLaren’s business operations strategy are R&D and Operations. Whereas the operations function is concerned with the transformation of resources into products, the R&D function concerns itself with the innovation and development of new technologies/product lines. The two functions work hand in hand in delivering quality products that are relevant to the fast changing market demand. This is consistent with McLaren’s strategic plan of constantly introducing new models or derivatives every year.
Q1.2 With the main objective of the operations function being creation and delivery of goods & services with customers’ needs in mind, it is important for McLaren to analyze whether it is consistently achieving the same. An Inputs-Outputs transformation model is a systematic approach to operations management. This system is important operations managers at McLaren considering that the organization aims at attaining competitive advantage through early introduction of new models or derivatives in the marketplace.
Operations have three components i.e. inputs, transformation process and outputs. The transformation process refers to all activities involved in the conversion of inputs through value addition into outputs that satisfy customer needs. There are three resource types that may be transformed in the process of operations. Materials include the rubber and other physical inputs, information may include the innovations availed through R&D and customers include but not limited to companies involved in formula one racing. Proper utilization of materials, information and understanding of customer needs, therefore, enables organizations effectively achieve their operational goals. McLaren has invested heavily in R&D and this makes it compete favorably among peers in the marketplace.
Q1.3 One manufacturing strategy used to determine and manage interactions between different organizational systems is the process approach to quality.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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