Management Activities to Achieve Results: Portakabins Focus on Quality - Assignment Example

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The researcher states it is the basic desire for organisations to optimise their activities in order to achieve the best possible results. This is especially true for businesses where expedient management has to be practiced if at all rival businesses are to be out-paced. …
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Management Activities to Achieve Results: Portakabins Focus on Quality
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Download file to see previous pages Center of discussion in this paper is Portakabin as a company that has made conscious and well executed efforts in the management of their activities to achieve results. Portakabin is a private company involved in the hire and sale of temporary and permanent accommodation; it is a market leader, possessing 17% of the UK market. Portakabin has adopted a quality system that focuses on ISO9000, and has undertaken several steps to ensure that their quality system is fruitful. Adoption of Total Quality Management and good organisational control has ensured that a culture of quality has developed in Portakabin and identification and solution of problems alongside improvements on products. According to National Association of Home builders, the industry of modular systems as of today is centred on efficiency and quality. Quality assurance is an integral component of every step in the factory thus ensuring that the finest building and quality materials are used and at the same time the same standards for on-site buildings are maintained. It is thus obvious that Portakabin has to maintain high quality standards in order to stay ahead of the pack. Through developing modern designs, use of high quality materials, customising to specific client needs, rapid construction, modern working environment and portraying the client’s image, Portakabin’s Ultima specifications ensure that the appropriate use that defines quality is achieved. Portakabin’s quality system is based on two elements; first, an internal outlook which focuses on market research to determine what is needed and desirable to the customers. Here, the company not only offers the building but also extra services including accessories such as high quality furnishings and climate control, hence a one-stop-shop. The second aspect of Portakabin’s quality system is external, which involves conforming to national building requirements and standards, and of particular note, Portakabin conforms to ISO 9001: Quality Management Systems. This certification is internationally recognised, and aimed at virtually all products made anywhere in the world. Its adoption indicates that an organisation is committed to quality, its customers and efficiency, proves that a quality management system exists in an organisation and enhances a company’s image and gives it a competitive edge over customers (ISOQAR 2011; National Quality Assurance 2010, pp. 1-2). ISO 9001 registration ensures that Portakabin’s activities are managed at the highest quality standards possible; hence its products meet modern standards and requirements thus enhancing consumer confidence. Portakabin’s quality systems manager electronically circulates a one page quality manual to both staff and customers. Portakabin ensures product quality through checking both its products and services, keeping pace with demands and new developments, meeting international standards through ISO 9001 certification and complying with Kyoto Protocol on carbon emissions, and zero tolerance to quality compromise. Total Quality System at Portakabin Wiley (2010, p. 138) defines Total Quality Management as an integrated organisational effort that is designed to bring about improvement of quality at every level. Riley (2011) reckons that Total Quality Management is a way of managing people and business activities in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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