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Using the product that you presented in the group assessment : - Essay Example

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Understanding the behaviour of the consumer helps them to gain information on the way the consumer thinks, feel and select brands. In the marketing context, every person is a…
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Using the product that you presented in the group assessment :
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Download file to see previous pages The behaviour of the consumer is influenced variety of factor ranging from personal motivations, needs, attitudes and the values. Besides, personality features, socio-economic and cultural background, age, sex, professional status also add to the list of the factors affecting the behaviour of the consumers.
Studies reveal that the choice of a mobile phone is characterized by two different attitudes towards the products. The two aspects include the attitudes towards the mobile brand as well as the attitudes towards the network. Moreover, the choice of the customers on the mobile brand is also affected by the hugely by the presence of new features in the brand.
The attributes of mobile phones are one factor that influences the consumer decision to purchase it. People do not just purchase a product for the sake of buying, but rather they go for a utility that is generated by the features of the brands attributes (Uddin et al., 2014). Nevertheless, most of the characteristics of a brand that are vital from the consumer perspective are neither physical nor objective. As studies suggest, the attributes of a product is any feature of it or its use that can be utilized to compare brands alternatives. They may also relate to the concrete characteristics of a brand, practical consequences of the brand and its utilization and possession may cause or consequence related to the personal values of the consumer.
Moreover, the attributes of a product are the requirement aspects that are placed on it by the consumer. Every product component is viewed as a mix of correlative product features by the consumer. A product attributes entails such things as its functions together with its physical appearance, brand, price, package and the after-sale services (Kotler & Keller, 2013). The attributes of a product are crucial in changing the consumer attitude of the product. The significance of an attribute is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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