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The study has shown many issues that are important to modern business with regard to business strategy. The study also showed that there is an issue with most firms having an issue with being an overwhelming factor of the social media traffic and they in most cases fail to know how to deal with it…
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Social media and Business Communication and Advertising
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Download file to see previous pages This paper illustrates that social media has become a major part of business promotion strategy. The trend in marketing and advertising is moving towards social media. Business marketing and promotion are moving from the traditional media such as television and print media. The social media offers businesses, big and small, a range of advantages that can be useful for the purposes of ensuring that the business benefits the most from its investment is marketing and promotion investments. Social media offers the business a range of services that are useful in business and brand promotion. To begin with, it can be useful as a way to give the customers a personalized communication platform. Businesses can respond to customers’ requests, queries, and communication on a one-on-one basis and this can be very useful in creating customer satisfaction. In this regard, social media offers a way for the business to be able to communicate on a personal level with the customers. However, being able to take advantage of the social media platform is not an easy fit for the businesses. Only those businesses that are able to come up with a well-laid social media strategy are able to benefit the most from the social media platform. In this case, businesses must be able to know how to take advantage of the social media to be able to take home the benefits. In fact, businesses that are unable or that refuse to take advantage of the social media end up suffering. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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