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Organizational Behaviour - Case Study Example

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Xciting Company as reported by Amish Gupta faces various organization behaviour issues. After conducting the recruitment and selection process Xciting Company engages in the process of inducting its fresh…
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Organizational Behaviour
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Extract of sample "Organizational Behaviour"

Organizational Behaviour Organizational Behaviour 5.7 Concluding Comments Major Issues within Xciting Company Organizational behaviour forms an important aspect in every organization. Xciting Company as reported by Amish Gupta faces various organization behaviour issues. After conducting the recruitment and selection process Xciting Company engages in the process of inducting its fresh employees. However, the training induction process does not meet the specific requirements of its clients. Thus, in most cases this leads to the premature termination of various projects. The premature termination of projects leads to employees being made redundant. This is evident in the case study as Gupta’s project was terminated prematurely leaving her with no work or being idle until another project was sought (Ivey, 2014).
Additionally, the main goal of Xciting Company is centred towards client satisfaction. The culture of the organization therefore focuses towards client satisfaction while the needs of the employees are neglected. This is evident in the case study whereby the new entrants are not assisted in any way by the company to effectively settle within the company’s working environment. In the case study Gupta and other new employees face a lot of difficulty in settling within their new working environment.
Xciting Company is a well renowned Indian information technology that engages in hiring a large number of fresh graduates. The main aim of the induction process involves impacting organizational behaviour and culture on the fresh employees. An effective induction process should therefore involve the objectives and goals of the company. In this case Xciting Company should involve training of fresh employees in specific requirements of the company. This will ensure that the fresh employees are able to meet the goals of the company and ensure a productive workforce after the induction process.
Furthermore, Xciting Company should be both employee and client centred. The organizational behaviour should be geared with the aim of satisfaction of clients while meeting the needs of the employees. New entrants within the company should be inducted into the organizational culture that will effectively meet their needs as employees. This will ensure that the new entrants are able to adjust well within the company’s working environment. Productivity among the fresh employees will also be maintained (Jennifer & Gareth 2005).
Reasoning for Acting on the Action Plan
Xciting Company as a large company that engages in employing fresh graduates should engage in some form of action plan that will ensure that various organizational behaviour issues are resolved. The company should device a system whereby the welfare of employees is taken into consideration. For an effective and productive workforce to be maintained the welfare of the employees need to be considered. Xciting Company should therefore integrate organizational behaviour within the induction process that will acquaint the new employees with knowledge of the goals and objectives of the company. This will further ensure that the induction process meets the requirement of the organization (Hitt 2006).
Positive Call to Action Ending
The implementation of various recommendations within Xciting Company should revolve around the organizational culture and behaviour. There should be an end in the situation whereby the fresh employees are not readily prepared for the various tasks within the induction process (Ivey, 2014). The positive call should entail;
Engage in organizational behaviour or culture
Emphasize on the welfare of employees
Induction should involve meeting the specific requirements of the company
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Organizational Behaviour Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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