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Organizational Behaviour: The Sources of Power Available to the Individual - Assignment Example

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The author identifies the sources of power available to the individual and how might an employee use each of the sources of power for the purpose of self-development. The author also identifies the sources of power he/she would personally likely to improve and explains how he/she would develop them. …
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Organizational Behaviour: The Sources of Power Available to the Individual
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Download file to see previous pages People will do what the celebrity wants not because they have any real power, but because they are well known. An example of reward based power is the ability to give somebody what they want. If you have what they want, they will willingly do what you want for that reward. An example of legitimate power is power is following the orders of a police officer, or government agent. These people have power vested in them by the people, which is real, and why it is considered legitimate power. An example of coercive power is a bully, or a parent forcing a child to do something. Coercive power requires someone to do something against their will and is only successful if the person actually can force the other person to do the task. An example of expert power is an educator or boss. These people have knowledge or skills that the other person needs, and can use their knowledge to make people do things they would not otherwise do, to get that knowledge or skill.
An employee might use expert power to get other employees to put together presentations or finish paperwork, which they will get credit for, or use their skills to impress people higher in the company and get promoted. They might use referent power to use people's affection for them to move up, or to get favors in the company and improve how they look to their bosses. They might use reward power to offer their employees bonuses or extra perks to get them to get more work done, or better quality work. Finally, they might use coercive power to force other employees to complete their work or work overtime, with the threat of being fired. 
An optimistic manager is more likely to rely on power sources that will encourage their employees, and make them want to do the work. These include reward power, legitimate power, referent power, or expert power. They would probably rely primarily rely on reward and expert power, providing their employees with incentives and chances to increases their skills.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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