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Managing in a global context - Essay Example

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It has facilitated the process of globalization, which has brought nations closer together. Reaching another country no longer requires one to travel, but use the technological means to the…
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Managing in a global context
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Download file to see previous pages Fashions diffuse from region to another without encountering any barrier. On the political context, globalization has yielded democratic governance hence increasing citizens’ participation, as well as good governance. One of the most outstanding impacts of globalization in relation to economic aspects is its effects on the automobile industry. For the past three decades, the world has realized a revolution in the automobile industry in terms of production, purchase, use, and repair among others. There is a change in the way people access motor vehicles today compared to previous years when production and purchasing were pegged on certain parameters such as location and prices. Today, the production of the automobile takes place in nearly every developed nation. People no longer look to the East for the production, but most countries produce motor vehicles. Similarly, it has changed and influenced the automobile industry in the developing nations as well as the marketing strategies. The rest of the paper will discuss the influence of globalization on markets and marketing strategies, global production and supply chain, current developments and key players among other issues.
Globalization has greatly influenced the markets and marketing strategies of major players in the automobile industry. The major players include General Motors (GM), Toyota, Ford, Honda, BMW, Chrysler, and Volkswagen (Sturgeon 2009). All these key players operate in the global marketplace and compete fiercely for market share. The process of globalization has eased the production of vehicles due to increased sales. For instance, globalization promoted the establishment of overseas facilities and merger opportunities between giant automobile makers. This has led to increased production as well as marketing. The process of globalization has facilitated the key players to market their brands as well as to tailor the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managing in a Global Context Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 Words.
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