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The BFOQ defense organization that has been largely used by prisons tries to bring the argument that only women should hold certain security positions. BFOQ tries to reason out that female close partners were to be monitored while in bathroom taking bath. The reason for women to…
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Bus Alice EEOC Board
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The BFOQ defense organization that has been largely used by prisons tries to bring the argument that only women should hold certain security positions. BFOQ tries to reason out that female close partners were to be monitored while in bathroom taking bath. The reason for women to hold certain security positions was later omitted by Ruby Tuesday saying that prison jobs couldn’t be only filled by women.
Issues related to housing restaurants that majorly based its selection on women servers became out of concern according to Tighe. The process of running restaurant business became expensive because of the additional cost of accommodating males separately. The incident brought to a question whether the argument of making women separate themselves from men would work in the Park City Restaurant following the report of Ruby Tuesday of gross revenue of $1.25billion in the year 2013. Tighe observed this odd case and asked employers to avoid bringing the decision related to gender matters that is being applied by BFOQ. According to the author, the issue of gender discrimination is seen as uncouth barbaric behavior that should not be entertained in any society. He termed the act of gender discrimination as a ‘’Red Flag’’ (Allen Web).
Allen gives reference using the press released by the EEOC’s San Francisco Regional Attorney William R. Tamayo, which talks negatively about cases related gender like that released by Ruby Tuesday’s about a job advertisement (Allen Web). Gender discrimination is a warning saga to most employers. Seattle Field Office Director by the name Nancy Sienko said that the company could have addressed any privacy concern that may come by providing separate accommodation entities for both male and females working in Park City. I am of the opinion that gender discrimination brings hatred amongst members of the society simply because others will see themselves better than others. All were against gender discrimination led by Ruby Tuesday. The Author went further not responding to a call for a comment about the incident that is now pending U.S. District Court after the District of Oregon attempts failed to meet the initial litigation through the EEOC conciliation process. The body is now seeking financial damages on behalf of Herrera and classmates.
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Allen, Smith. EEOC: Restaurant’s Seasonal Job Ads Discriminated Against Men. Society for Human Resource Management, 2 Feb. 2015. Read More
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Bus Alice EEOC Board Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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