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Considering this case, it will be able to take the necessary actions against their employees. Therefore, if an employee is harassed because of…
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EEOC report quail Insert Insert Religious harassment at workplace It is of great concern to make employees aware of the Act that protects them from harassment in their workplace based on religion. Considering this case, it will be able to take the necessary actions against their employees. Therefore, if an employee is harassed because of religion, there are a number of options available to them subject to the circumstances.
Legally, religious harassment in the workplace is where, the employer may require employees to change or to abandon religious beliefs. Besides, Religious harassment in the workplace can arise when the employer does not welcome employees behaviors regarding their religion creating a hostile working environment (HELGEN, 2012).
Where an employee faces harassment at workplace, the best manner of coming up with an approach to the situation is to stop the person harassing the others. If the harasser is not complying with the employee’s request, the company’s HR department should be informed. Where a corporation fails to remedy the problem, and then the employee should approach an employment lower to help in pursuing legal actions (HELGEN, 2012). In this case, the employee will file a charge of religious harassment.
However, employers should accommodate employee’s religious beliefs except in circumstances that will Cause the company excessive hardships. The employers should consider daily prayers and avoid giving them from work that is against their religion (HELGEN, 2012). The company should also accommodate employees certain clothing, jewelry, and symbols as demanded by their religion. Where a corporation or an employer does not comply with these practices and firing employees because of their religion, it will automatically amount to religious harassment at workplace.
HELGEN, E. (2012). Religious Modernity, Lay Authority, and Covenantal Diplomacy: Themes in Recent Works on the Religious History of Mexico. Journal Of Religious History, 36(3), 404-414. doi:10.1111/j.1467-9809.2012.01178.x Read More
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