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Mitsubishi believes in EEO Now - Case Study Example

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Indeed, the employees largely determine the eventual performance orientation of the organization. The concept of human resource management therefore comes in…
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Mitsubishi believes in EEO Now
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Extract of sample "Mitsubishi believes in EEO Now"

Download file to see previous pages Sexual and racial discrimination are some of the central concerns that organizations have to confront. It then appears that managing the human resources should therefore be taken as an integral aspect of the organizational performance.
Equal Employment and Opportunity (EEO) created the need for organizations operating in the United States to consider abiding by the fundamental equity issues that confront the world (Heitmann 2009). The case of sexual and racial discrimination evidenced at Mitsubishi was certainly a low ground for the organization. In any case, it occurs that the company instituted several changes in the American division after the occurrence of these disheartening events. The changes that were thereby made at Mitsubishi were therefore much imperative and necessary given that they were driven by need and time. The HR management therefore did the most appropriate thing upon the launch of investigations to determine the authenticity of the claims and the extent of the whole situation. The performance of the organization is much dependent on the morale of the employees and the pride they demonstrate towards their particular jobs. If employees are disheartened on the account of the presence of discrimination in the organization, it certainly implies that performance will automatically be altered.
The decision reached to settle the sexual harassment lawsuit is a positive connotation on the commitment of the organization toward addressing its core concerns. More importantly, Mitsubishi compensated all the workers who had complained of racial discrimination in the organization. These radical decisions serve to demonstrate the much regard that the organization bestowed upon the workers. Indeed, such a strategy became quite imperative considering that productivity of the American plant had greatly dwindled and the company’s headquarters even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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