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Power integrations - Research Paper Example

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Power integrations case study Contents Part 1 4 1.Analyze the buying process used by different segments of business customers. 4 2.Discuss the key factors that will affect the buying process and decisions for a business customer 4 3. How do customers evaluate suppliers on their ability to meet criteria and the buying process requirements?…
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Power integrations
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Download file to see previous pages Identify and discuss the marketing and distribution channels used to communicate and deliver value to their business customers 8 8.What is the industrial network developed by the company to support their business customers? 9 Part 4 9 9.Describe the marketing strategy used by the suppliers to reach the different segment of customers 9 10.How does the company segment their business customers and create value for each segment? 10 11.Describe each segment and the relevant relationship type and communication activities for each segment. 10 Part 5 11 12.Describe the types of relationships that can be developed with business customers and identify the key communication strategies that are relevant to each relationship approach 11 13.Describe the sales management approach used by the company to build relationship 12 14.Analyse the channel and sales management the company uses to deliver services and value 12 Part 6 13 15.How business customer does perceive cost, benefits and price in evaluating a product/services offer from a supplier? 13 Part 7 14 17.Discuss how the company uses the business marketing mix to create a competitive advantage and deliver value 14 Reference 16 Part 1 1. Analyze the buying process used by different segments of business customers. ...
mpanies accounted for more than 62% of the global power supply revenues, while the captive manufacturers accounted for the remaining 38% of the revenue of the company. While the total number of manufacturers of power supplies exceeded 1000, there were only 30 power supply companies whose yearly revenues exceeded $100 million, while another three quarters yielded less than $5 million of revenue every year. The manufacturer sales of the AC/DC converter power supplies accounted for a total of $11.2 billion in the year 2001. The yearly shipment of new internal and external AC/DC power supplies totalled around 1 billion units in the same year. The custom power supplies were designed for specific applications and the standard power supplies were designed for meeting multiple applications. 2. Discuss the key factors that will affect the buying process and decisions for a business customer One of the important characteristic of business customers is the buying process and the decision making process. The organisational buying decision or the behaviour is often termed as the “decision making process” through which formal organisation tends to establish the required needs for the required products as well as services and in addition identify and evaluate and finally choose from the desired brand and suppliers. Thus two key factors of buying behaviour include the actors of exchange and the nature of exchange. The actors are the formal organisations and as a result the buying process is very complex. The number of members in the buying decision centre often varies and the role of the manger shift which depends on the buying decision and various stages of the buying decisions. Secondly the exchange volume and power in the B2B exchange differs from the individual buying decision ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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