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Age related discrimination or age discrimination is a phrase used to refer to the special treatment that is provided to an individual based on their age. This special treatment is negative in nature, for example: an employee who is above the age of 40 may be paid less favorably…
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EEOC And Age Discrimination EEOC And Age Discrimination Introduction Age related discrimination or age discrimination is a phrase used to refer to the special treatment that is provided to an individual based on their age. This special treatment is negative in nature, for example: an employee who is above the age of 40 may be paid less favorably that those below 40. The United States federal rules passed an Act in relation to age discrimination which is regarded as The Age Discrimination in Employment Act. EEOC or US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is the only government organization that has been assigned with the duty of ensuring that workplaces and employers do not discriminate against different employees.
Role Of The EEOC
EEOC is a regulatory or a supervising body which is awarded with the function of ensuring that laws that are federal in nature are being followed by organization. These laws have made discrimination based on various aspects completely illegal. The main responsibility in the case of age discrimination of EEOC is to work as an investigator of age related discrimination charges that have been levied on employers who have at least 20 people working in their workforce (Findlaw, 2014). Once the investigate and figure out that charges levied are true, the EEOC tries to settle the case with the employer and if the charge settlement does not take place then EEOC files a law suit from the side of the employee who has experienced discriminatory practices. They even play the role of educator and they try to make sure that age related discriminatory practices do not occur by educating the employers and employees.
Role Of Employer
In case of age related discrimination the federal laws state that it is the role of the employer to not to fire or hire or make decisions regarding compensation, benefits and training for employers on the basis of their respective age. But these laws are only limited to employees and applicants who age between 40 and 65. The law clearly states that employees should not be divided and provided less burdens and benefits in contrast to their age, and this clause even includes discrimination that is related to age and is conducted in terms of paying wages (, 2014). Employers are even restricted from printing as well as publishing material that is considered discriminatory on the basis of age. For example: employers may advertise positions based on ages and may restrict those who are above 40 from applying. Such advertisements are considered unlawful. The law even states that elements such as retirement as well as insurance plan should not even influence an employer’s decision while taking decision regarding hiring individual who are above 40 and less than 65 years old.
The EEOC has various roles in order to combat age related discrimination. These roles include the role of supervisor, educator, enforcer as well as defendant for those who have been subjected to age related discrimination. The federal laws restrict an employer from making recruitment, selection, compensation, benefits, training and firing decision based on the age of an individual who ages between 40 and 65.
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