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IDP( Managing Financial Resources and Decisions) - Essay Example

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Fragrant Scent Company is a forthcoming flower shop whose goal is to meet floral needs of the customers for both occasional and personal arrangements. The business is focused on providing the best products and directly working with customers in order to offer a new and enjoyable…
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IDP( Managing Financial Resources and Decisions)
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Download file to see previous pages The perfect location and size of the business will be paramount to ensuring that we satisfy our customers, both in London and its surroundings. The flower delivery is done by Fragrant Scent who will make sure that the flowers get to the customers while still fresh and in great quality. The business is also targeting to engage in flower delivery nationwide. The company focuses on creating flower variety of special flower arrangements by investing in broad assortment of gift backset and plants for all occasions. It is our commitment to offer professionally arranged fresh flowers packed in a reusable vase. For effective customer care services, the flowers are hand delivered to ensure utmost care.
Our floral shop plans to sell the flowers as a retailer to individuals and corporate clients. The vases and the flowers are sourced on wholesale from a huge online wholesale company. The flower arrangements and the vases preferences are customized according to the requests of the customers. The company focuses on selling most of our flowers online in our website where customers can place their order requests for enhanced convenience. While making the online order requests, customers have an option of specifying if they want their flowers delivered so that they do no need to step out of the house. The flower arrangements will be uniquely done to suit events such as ceremonies, school dances, funerals, holiday parties or weddings.
The reason for setting up this business has been driven by the desire to bridge the gap in the flower business as most of the flowers shops do not offer customized flower arrangements and vase designs since traditionally, vases have been standardized. With the advancement in technology where business can be conducted online, we are able to offer the floral services according to the wishes of the customers. Furthermore, London is a huge economy where ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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