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: What Makes for a Good CEO - Case Study Example

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It is considered that one of the most challenging tasks which board of directors face is hiring CEO’s. Hiring managers although is not so…
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Case Study: What Makes for a Good CEO
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Download file to see previous pages This has made it all the more necessary for managers to remain extremely cautious while selecting CEO’s. The ethical values possessed by CEO’s are given special consideration by board members. Board prefer hiring CEO’s who have an impeccable character, strong leadership skills and high knowledge regarding the functioning of organization. They must be able to take swift decisions and constantly motivate mangers to perform better. Boards are constantly seeking insights regarding improving the hiring of CEO’s and top level executives. CEO’s and other top level executives are individuals who are a source of direction and motivation to the entire organization. It is therefore critical that organizations hire CEO’s who not only possess expert knowledge but can also be looked upon as idols of inspiration. Board members especially look for strong and influential leaders. An able leader can not only provide suitable directions, they also play an important role in managing organizational issues. Able leaders can take just decisions which not only suit the needs of the management but also the employees. CEO’s are required to act as the voice for different stakeholders while interacting with the board members. Hence strong representative skills are required. As leaders, CEO’s must ensure that all organizational activities are directed towards achieving success. In the recent times, many CEO’s were criticized for being involved in corrupt business activities. CEO’s must exercise effective control over the organization so that no member engages themselves in fraudulent activities (Steurer, et al., 2005).
The waiters rule is considered as a useful technique to gain insight into a person’s personality. The rule facilitates understanding whether an individual can suitably be appointed in a position where he or she is required to supervise thousands of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Case Study: What Makes for a Good CEO Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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