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Differences between the qualitative and the quantitative data 2111 - Essay Example

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Data is a collection of information that has facts and is expressed inform of numbers, measurements, words, observation or even in…
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Differences between the qualitative and the quantitative data 2111
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Download file to see previous pages Qualitative data on the other hand, is the information that relates to qualities that is information that cannot be measured (Taylor, 2005). In this essay, the differences between qualitative and quantitative data will be examined, as well as, their pros and cons.
Data that is gathered using quantitative methods yields more accurate and objective information because the information is collected using standardized methods. This data can be replicated and analysed using sophisticated statistical techniques (Creswell, 2014). Data gathered using qualitative methods, on the other hand, does not require the use of statistical methods to analyse the data because it is more suitable for formative evaluations. Summative evaluations requires the use of quantitative measures in order to judge the ultimate value of the project.
Qualitative data deals with descriptions where the data that is collected can be observed, but not measured. While quantitative data deals with numbers where the data can be measured (Goertz & Mahoney, 2012). This means that analysing qualitative data is easier because the data is expressed in words and does not require any statistical formula to ensure that the data collected is accurate like in quantitative data. Therefore, it is easier to collected data using qualitative research for people doing social sciences as they analyse the perceptions and views of the people unlike in quantitative data where there is statistical formulas that requires the researcher to have a clear understanding of what they are doing.
Data quality and complexity affects the time needed for data collection and analysis (Hartas, 2010). Although technological innovations have played, a major role in shortening the time required to process quantitative data. The time needed to gather quantitative data is considerable in order to pre-test and create questions, as well as, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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