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The structure of the organization dictates the tone and the mode of interpersonal communication. Organizations that are highly stratified commonly use more methods when communicating between employees and the managers. In the meantime, smaller companies may…
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Team Development
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Team Building Affiliation Team development Task In many corporations. The structure of the organization dictates the tone and the mode of interpersonal communication. Organizations that are highly stratified commonly use more methods when communicating between employees and the managers. In the meantime, smaller companies may utilize relatively plain charts nature of their organization to maintain a relatively informal and terse communication. Effective leadership, therefore, calls for leaders to learn how to couple appropriate styles of communication to the norms of the company (Yukl, 2010).
Effective communication in business depends on a feedback cycle, which encompasses listening to the message, speaking and confirming that whatever has been heard is what was intended to be passed across. Parties that get engaged in communication that is highly interactive often make use of the feedback cycle to reach decisions that are mutually beneficial (Yukl, 2010). When communication is carried out in the organization across different levels, the time frame, and type of the feedback cycle can influence the overall effectiveness of that organization.
Leaders of a company who spend some time to pinpoint their most operational, organizational communication form often take lead in the most effective teams in the organization (Boynton & Fischer, 2005). In such manner, team players that acclimatize their styles of communication to align with those of their leaders usually achieve more than peers who have a disparity in modes of speaking and writing. Organizations that have been labeled to be the most effective usually manage to hit a balance between communication and action to prevent them from falling into a phenomenon known as ‘analysis paralysis.’
Task 2
Communicator type of team players is basically process oriented. They are effective facilitators of conflict resolution, involvement, feedback, consensus building, and they are good listeners. They also help create an informal relaxed climate (Thompson, 2008). In many cases, communicators are “people person,” meaning he stands with the majority, and they sometimes see the process as the means to an end in itself. They avoid confronting other team members and may not even put a lot of emphasis on making advancement towards the objectives set by the team (Lencioni, 2002).. They are considerate, relaxed, supportive tactful and enthusiastic.
Their positive attributes are that they have the voice of the majority. Because of their figure, they are better heard and listened to by people. They are also very enthusiastic and often have tactics of making things work (Thompson, 2008). They also create a relaxed climate where employers can feel free to air their opinions and concerns.
On the downside, their lack of emphasis on set goals can lead to slow progress and even failure in achieving goals (Lencioni, 2002). This can be detrimental to organization’s progress. They also fail to confront other team members, and this lack of authoritative standpoint can translate to slackness and failure of employees or team leaders to maintain efficiency and effectiveness in performance.
Task 3
Learning and development
In management, it is key for top management to emphasize the need for continuous learning and development of its organization’s pool of employees (Parker, 2008). Learning can be in service, where the employees are continuously taught as they work or academic leaves for further studies. The world of business is highly dynamic and requires constant learning to keep up with current market trends. It is also important to support the employees in their personal development as this creates a sense of usefulness and consideration in the part of the employee.
However, learning and development is quite a challenge. This is because the time that is used for these activities can be used for further productivity in the company. The management has to ensure a balance to ensure all the employees get chances for learning and development and at the same time, remain productive in the organization (Boynton & Fischer, 2005).
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