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Leadership Plan - Essay Example

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If I would be a leader, I would perform all those activities to form an efficient team. Let us discuss those activities with respect to each stage of…
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Leadership Plan
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Extract of sample "Leadership Plan"

ORGANIZATIONAL LEADERSHIP PLAN goes here] s [Due the paper] Organizational Leadership Plan To form a highperformance team, every leader needs to perform some key activities in each of the four stages of team formation. If I would be a leader, I would perform all those activities to form an efficient team. Let us discuss those activities with respect to each stage of team formation:
As Frye (n.d.) states, “forming is the beginning”. At this stage, I would look for skilled individuals from the pool of employees working for my organization. Next, I would put the goals in front of my team members. For conventional teams, I would arrange sessions at some specific place to make them aware of the goals. In case of global teams, I would make them know each other through video chat.
According to Love (2010), storming is the stage that involves members’ conflicts with each other and their resistance to tasks and team structure. “Typically during the Storming phase, conflict, dissention and difficulties arise” (Fran, 2010). At this stage, I would work towards resolution of conflicts between team members. In case of conventional teams, I would meet conflicting employees face-to-face in order to know their issues, as well as to resolve them. I would assign the roles and responsibilities to each team member considering their skills. In case of global teams, I would arrange a video conference in which I would invite all team members to know and resolve their cultural and personality conflicts.
At this stage, members start thinking themselves as a team (Egeland, 2011). At this stage, I would develop a sense of cohesion between the team members of both conventional and global teams. In case of conventional teams, I would meet each team member personally to make him/her aware of his/her role in the achievement of goals and the way to meet the deadline. In case of global teams, I would contact all team members through video conference to make them aware of the ways to work in a collaborative manner and the ways to resolve personal and cultural conflicts that may arise between them at some time in future due to cultural differences.
This is the stage when members, having their efficiencies developed, work toward the achievement of goals. “Group members begin to look outside of their domain in order to assist others on the team” (Waren, 2010). At this stage, I would continuously motivate both conventional and global teams to make them achieve the goals effectively and efficiently. To evaluate and motivate conventional team members, I would meet each member personally. However, to motivate global team members, I would contact each member through video chat.
As a leader, I must make sure that my team functions efficiently. Moreover, I must also meet the socio-emotional needs of my team members. Both of these responsibilities influence my behavior as a leader. I regularly evaluate my team members’ individual and collective performances. Stein (n.d.) states, “Team effectiveness is enhanced by a teams commitment to reflection and on-going evaluation”. I continuously motivate my team members to ensure the achievement of organization goals. To meet the socio-emotional needs of my team members, I devote my energy and time to know the needs of my team members. I work towards making my team a social unit by building good working relationships between them. In case of conventional teams, I do not face much difficulty because all team members are usually from the same culture and I can motivate them easily to form a highly efficient team. However, I have to work hard to develop an efficient global team. The reason is that global team members have different cultural norms and values. I have to understand their individual needs and build different strategies to meet the needs of each employee. Moreover, I need to motivate each member of the global team differently because of the differences in their cultures, perceptions, and thoughts.
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Leadership Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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