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In what ways can an organisation's culture affect or influence (a) structure and (b) employee behaviour Answer by using the organisation G.O.F. case study - Essay Example

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“Galactic Office Furniture Ltd.”, founded in the year 1959, has gradually become one of the biggest players in the office furniture business during the late 1990s. It was the leading player in UK during that time with nearly 30% of the total Office furniture market share…
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In what ways can an organisations culture affect or influence (a) structure and (b) employee behaviour Answer by using the organisation G.O.F. case study
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Extract of sample "In what ways can an organisation's culture affect or influence (a) structure and (b) employee behaviour Answer by using the organisation G.O.F. case study"

Download file to see previous pages Galactic Office Furniture is a private sector undertaking and follows a hierarchical organization structure. The basic motive of the project is to determine the effect of the present organizational culture and analyse the aspects of Human Resource Management system within the firm. The in-depth analysis of HRM policies is important as it would help in pointing out the defects in the systems and will necessarily bring out the scopes for improvement.
The organisational goals and strategies are influenced by the structure and the culture followed by an organisation. Although the goals and strategies documented by the GOF upper brass is quite challenging and forward looking, still the organisational structure and the work culture followed by it greatly limits its value.
According to the new mission, the company started focusing on improving the structure of the organization to improve the efficiency of operation. The operations and the production process need to be improved in order to reduce cost and increase flexibility of the process. This actually demands a change in the organization structure. Whenever there is a change in the system, the top management should be careful enough to bring about the change in the organization culture. (Morrison, Brown, Smit, 2006). Bringing a change is the organizational culture is of course a gradual process and it is time consuming. For that specific reason, it is always considered as a long-term strategic goal in Human Resource Management system. However, in most of the cases, culture might be considered as an abstraction but its forces are derived from the social interaction within the organization. (Schein, 2004, p.5). For that reason when the management seeks to adapt certain change in policy, it is always advisable to start from the core of the organization to bring about a change in the cultural base of the organization.
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