Three foundational principles and the critical importance of integration - Essay Example

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This would result into numerous advantages to the company in terms of gross revenues as a result of the new untapped market. How good a company excels in such an opportunity…
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Three foundational principles and the critical importance of integration
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Three Foundational Principles and the Critical Importance of "Integration" Every incident that occurs in human life can be utilized by entrepreneurs as a business opportunity. This would result into numerous advantages to the company in terms of gross revenues as a result of the new untapped market. How good a company excels in such an opportunity depends on how good the management is in positioning its strategies. Urbany and Davis (2012) bases their argument on how well to position a strategy from three fundamental principles which forms the basis of integration. First, a company or an individual should well define an advantage from a perspective that will create important customer value. Secondly, a company or an individual should manipulate the opportunity so that the task is differentiated from that of the competitors. The purpose has to be well defined and lastly, it is always important to leverage ones capabilities in terms of the resources and assets available while focusing the attention on the desired value of customers.
Integration can be viewed as an expansion strategy and it is quite important for future endeavors of any given company whether self-centered, customer-centered or competitor centered. Integration may help curb the probabilities of the focus of a given company becoming single-minded. Integration can also save a lot of company’s time and financial resources through streamlining the operations of a given company or institution. This reduces unnecessary costs gearing the company towards greater profitability and better performance. Albany State University currently having been highly ranked among the well performing public universities in America could gain a lot from the process of integration. For better results in future, I would propose that the university leaders start by first ranking the performance of every faculty against that of the university such that it is easier for the university leaders to easily identify the faculty underperforming and finding the most efficient resource across the university that can readily streamline operations of that particular faculty.
Urbany, Joel ,E. & Davis, James, H. (2012). Growth and Competitive Strategy in 3 Circles.
Version: 1.0. eISBN: 978-1-4533-4362-3. Read More
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