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This essay explores how motivation theory is useful to managers. This paper illustrates that managers can use Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs to provide security to employees who are not struggling with basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter…
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The Usefulness of Motivation Theory for Managers
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The Usefulness of Motivation Theory for Managers
Motivation theory is useful to managers because it helps them understand the needs of employees and prioritize how to address them in their varying levels of urgency. For example, managers can use Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs to provide security to employees who are not struggling with basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter (Miner 2008, 87).
Motivation theory helps managers understand the capability of each employee and decide on how to enhance this capability. For example, Vroom’s theory that asserts that employees’ individual goals influence their individual performance can inform the decision by a manager to use salary increment as their strategy for motivating employees (Miner 2008, 87).
Managers can use motivation theory to understand and address the training and development needs of an employee. For example, McGregor’s theory can guide managers to provide generic training or facilitate further studies for employees in order to make them feel valued and capable. This way, managers can retain talent or confidently delegate some duties to employees because they can handle them with ease (Miner 2008, 88).
The knowledge of motivation theory enables managers to set specific achievable goals. Using Herzberg’s theory for example, managers can establish good communication and allow employees to work with convenience in order to meet their department or unit’s goals. The lack of communication and convenience, which are examples of Herzberg’s hygiene factors, can cause employees to be de-motivated in working towards the set goals (Miner 2008, 88).
Finally, managers with the knowledge of motivation theory acknowledge the importance of involving employees in the goal setting process. For example, McClelland’s acquired needs theory will help managers to allow employees contribute to goal setting because this will help craft these goals in a way that appeals to the employees’ need for achievement (Miner 2008, 89). It is easy for employees to commit themselves to the goals that they consider achievable.
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Miner, J. (2008). Role of Motivation Theories. New York, NY: Routledge. pp. 87 – 89. Read More
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