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Change is a consistent issue for the modern organisation. Discuss the various ways in which the employee may offer effective resistance to this change - Essay Example

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The paper is an investigation of the ways in which employees in organizations are able to resist change effectively, from a study of the available relevant academic and trade literature on organizational change. The paper briefly situates the investigation in the larger context…
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Change is a consistent issue for the modern organisation. Discuss the various ways in which the employee may offer effective resistance to this change
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Extract of sample "Change is a consistent issue for the modern organisation. Discuss the various ways in which the employee may offer effective resistance to this change"

Download file to see previous pages Because both of these forces, inertia and change forces, are necessary and inevitable, both forces are intrinsic to change management equations and need to be managed well. The paper examines the roles that collective resistance, the resistance of key employees in influential positions, and disparate resistance, apathy and cynicism among employees play in successful efforts to thwart and resist organizational change. The paper examines the literature and finds that those factors or forces do make up the very ways that employees are able to resist external pressures to change with much success (Hodgkinson 1999; Singh and Dixit 2011; Visser 2011; Brown and Cregan 2008; Godin 2001; Hannan and Freeman 1984; March 1981; Judge 2001; Taylor 2013; March 1981).
The paper aims to discuss the ways that employees may effectively resist change in modern organizations, as detailed in the academic literature. The paper looks at the academic literature to gain a broad perspective of the nature of change in general, and of the way change is inherent in the very nature of organizations of all kinds and of the environments in which those organizations operate. In essence because change is an inherent aspect of life, it is true too that change is an inherent aspect of organizations and the environments that organizations move in. The same holds for the various stakeholders of those organizations, with employees being one of the most vital stakeholder groups in organizations. The paper also looks at the psychology of organizational change and of inertia on the part of organizations and its employees, and why that inertia leads to employees resisting change. Along the way the paper traces the roots of that inertia to natural processes that enshrine established ways of doing, via processes, groups, and practices that become embedded in the standard way of doing things in organizations, because those ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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