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Organizational Change and Human Resource Management - Essay Example

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This essay "Organizational Change and Human Resource Management" outlines the main organizational changes. Change management can be viewed from two standpoints. One is that of the change manager and the other is that of the employees undergoing the organizational change…
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Organizational Change and Human Resource Management
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Extract of sample "Organizational Change and Human Resource Management"

Download file to see previous pages This calls for envisioning the future of the organization, to make clear the rationale behind the change and to draw the necessary plans for alterations.
People's issues are inevitable during organizational change. “New leaders will be asked to step up, jobs will be changed, new skills and capabilities must be developed, and people will be uncertain and will resist” (Booz Allen Hamilton Inc. 2004, p.1). The employee dissatisfaction and resistance stems from several reasons, some natural, some personal, and some acquired from peer and social circles. An individual’s personal predisposition to change could also be deeply rooted in how he/she has been brought up and what he/she has been taught as a child as regards handling changing situations. The four most common reasons people in an organization resist change are: “a desire not to lose something of value, a misunderstanding of the change and its implications, a belief that the change does not make sense for the organization, and a low tolerance for change” (Kotter & Schlesinger 1988, p. 666).
Employee and manager resistance to change, lack of incentives or motivation to change, skepticism or uncertainty with regard to change, and lack of a compelling reason or urge to change are some of the obstacles that managements face in general in bringing about organizational change. In the given case of the reorganization of Maersk Line, a feeling of insecurity and uncertainty is inevitable among the employees, especially with the planned elimination of layers of middle management in order to cut costs. It is the purpose of the change management to ensure that “the workers are ready, willing and able to operate the changed organization” (Holland 2007). Hence, success at an overall and complete transformation of the organization requires, besides strategy, a deep understanding. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Organizational Change and Human Resource Management Essay.
(Organizational Change and Human Resource Management Essay)
Organizational Change and Human Resource Management Essay.
“Organizational Change and Human Resource Management Essay”.
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