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Culture and Change Table of Contents Introduction 3 Organisational Dynamics 3 Organisation Culture and Change 4 Psychology of Change 5 Leadership and Organisational Change 7 Organisational Politics, Power and Change 7 Organisational Learning and Change 9 Change Agents, Consultancy and Change 11 Applying Theory to Organisation Case Studies 11 11 Conclusion 15 References 16 Bibliography 21 Introduction Organisational change is considered as one of the most vital characteristics for efficient management…
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Culture and Change
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Download file to see previous pages Usual change condition in an organisation is generated by the forces such as rationalising, reconsidering the methods of conducting business, increasing outsourcing, developing methods for minimising time and acquisition among others. Organisational Dynamics The worth of change in organisations is embedded in financial organisational performance. Financial approaches concentrate on shareholders and consumers as the most significant stakeholders and involve objective analogy in effective, reliable and manageable performance procedures presented on a mutual stage. Organisational change is not viable if it is not rooted in the improvement of human resources. As human resource experts are walking into the role of change leader in organisations increasingly, an understanding to change dynamics has become gradually more important. Organisational change is often considered as quick or slow and actively recognised or unwaveringly opposed by employees in organisations. These characteristics focus on emerging human resource dynamics of change which are resistance to change, willingness for change and establishment of drive for change. The hindrance to organisational change is more frequently inherent in organisation’s structure such as performance appraisal system or remuneration scheme which are not associated appropriately with expected behaviour of employees (Jansen, 2000). The essay concentrates on one emerging aspect of human resource dynamics of organisational change i.e. resistance to change. The paper considers the themes such as organisational culture, psychology of change, leadership, politics, power, learning, change agents and theories of organisational change with respect to human resource dynamic. The objective of the paper is to evaluate how human resource dynamic influences and facilitates to manage change within organisation. Resistance to Change Resistance to change is one of the major aspects of organisation dynamics which impacts upon change within organisations. Resistance among employees occur when they find it difficult to recognise or evaluate the situation of organisation. Besides, resistance also happens when organisational change threatens the present circumstances and increases the concern about fictional outcomes after change. Occasionally, the self-centredness of employees, for instance, lack of future vision, lack of aptitude and anxiety of repositioning of work structure also fuel the resistance to change. Recognising the reasons for resistance help organisations to prevent disasters and improve the organisational change procedure (Yuh-Shy, n.d.). Organisation Culture and Change Organisational culture is the sole and the most significant aspect liable for success or failure in an organisation. Organisational culture is considered as an adaptable or core metaphor for intellectualising organisation. Culture is a mechanism related with fulfilling of particular requirements of the employee force. Organisational culture is viewed as governable by management and it contributes to the overall equilibrium and efficiency of organisation. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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