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Evaluate the strengths and limitations of Employee Voice Practices for employees - Essay Example

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For many researchers, the term “employee involvement” was replaced by the term “employee voice.” The latter denotes a variety of…
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Evaluate the strengths and limitations of Employee Voice Practices for employees
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Extract of sample "Evaluate the strengths and limitations of Employee Voice Practices for employees"

Download file to see previous pages voice practices benefit employees by turning them into equal participants of the major organizational processes, letting them express their views and impact firms’ profitability and, eventually, turning them into essential drivers of organizational growth. However, the most important limitations of employee voice practices should not be disregarded. If not delivered properly, employee voice may lead to serious shifts in status quo which may not benefit employees. Many employees have the fear of such changes and, consequently, try to avoid the use of their legitimate voice in business practices. Therefore, one of the basic tasks faced by managers in organizations is to develop and run employee voice processes in ways that do not inhibit the employee’s right for self-expression and influence on organizational performance and, simultaneously, do not turn employee voice practices into a punishment for the things employees usually want to say.
In order to understand how employee voice practices benefit or damage employee positions in companies, the exact meaning of employee voice needs to be understood. This is not an easy endeavor since the meanings and implications of employee voice are numerous, and different companies handle employee voice approaches in entirely different ways (Dyne, Ang & Botero 2003). However, across these numerous meanings, employee voice is generally assumed to be a motivation and willingness of employees to express their information, ideas and opinions regarding workplace improvements (Dyne, Ang & Botero 2003). Yet, it should be noted that if the worker does not express any opinions or does not try to impact workplace-related processes, that does not mean that this employee exists in the atmosphere of silence. In many instances, employees who withhold from expressing their opinions and thoughts openly simply use their voice in a different manner.
Employee voice practices may be of a different nature and may also promote different forms of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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