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The paper 'Personal Ethics and Moral Perspectives' presents one’s personal ethics and moral perspectives which are to strictly adhere and conform to the standards posed by ethical, moral and legal codes of conduct, as universally acceptable, and as specifically defined in one’s profession…
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Personal Ethics and Moral Perspectives
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The course has added value to one’s personal ethics and moral perspectives in terms of providing additional knowledge on ethical theories that are applicable in the business setting. The course provided the needed reinforcement to confirm correct decisions given ethical dilemmas in the business environment. As such, proper guidelines are imbibed and became a part of one’s set of knowledge, beliefs, and values which would be most useful in good business practices in the near future.
How have you applied your personal ethics and moral perspectives to business ethics?
Initial recognition of the basic policies, procedures, and code of conduct and behavior is always the starting point that one recognizes in various situations and settings (whether it be in the community, country, academic or organizational setting). As such, these rules become the basis for one’s actions and behavior in the setting where one actively participates. As such, the code of ethics and observance to the conformity of moral rules guide one’s actions in communicating with others, in resolving conflicts (if any), and in deciding the most appropriate course of action, given ethical dilemmas that one encounters in life. These policies and guidelines also become one’s benchmark and gauge of performance to evaluate one’s ability to achieve defined goals, as expected. Therefore, one could be appropriately rewarded for exemplary performance or sanctioned to correct one’s misbehavior, as needed. Read More
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(Personal Ethics and Moral Perspectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 407 Words)
Personal Ethics and Moral Perspectives Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 407 Words.
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