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Personal Investment in the UK Is It Science or Matter of Good Fortune - Essay Example

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The main purpose of the paper is to focus on the practices of personal saving or investment by the people in UK.To that the paper would tend to discuss the different tools of investment available in the region and whether benefits related to it are a matter of scientific planning or just of good fortune…
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Personal Investment in the UK Is It Science or Matter of Good Fortune
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Download file to see previous pages In United Kingdom people tend to invest or conduct their personal savings through the use of different tools like investing in mortgage funds, investing on pension or other insurance related funds, depositing money in banks or in securities issued by different financial institutions. Further people also tend to invest their money in many asset related or commercial funds apart from investing in agricultural and national savings deposits. The major part of the personal savings owes to funds related to pension and insurance other than mortgage or housing properties (Banks and Blundell, 1994, p.67). Types of Personal Investment in United Kingdom and Popularity of UseIn United Kingdom the aspect of personal savings and investment gains attention in regards to categories like pension funds and other insurance related sectors. However other than the pension and insurance related funds the personal investment activities of the people also centre on deposits made in banks. Investment is again made by the people in funds created for the housing societies. Moreover other than the listed areas the people also tend to invest largely in sectors such as shares and dividend mainly equity based issued by registered companies operating in United Kingdom. In other types of personal investment practices the people also tend to invest largely in different types of asset funds bearing interest gains and in other savings fund issued by the national government. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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