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Science as Field of Study at College - Personal Statement Example

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In the paper “Science as Field of Study at College” the author describes how he has asked most of his friends how they got to know they were cut out to pursue science as a field of study at college and they give differing answers. For some, they were born scientists…
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Science as Field of Study at College
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Extract of sample "Science as Field of Study at College"

I could not get over my mesmerizing into the intricate connection of this device to that and the overall effect. Needless to say, the string that followed such activity was endless circling around what is this, how, and why. This was my favorite hobby.
I suppose this kind of behavior is normal for kids and especially those that are destined to make great discoveries in the future. It all starts with a question like why is the sky blue Of course our reaction to the response varies thereby demarcating each child's individuality and uniqueness. In my case, the answer to this question was a start to what has become a resilient pursuit of greater knowledge and more answers to natural phenomena.
High school was an eye-opener for me after the exposure to the topics on atoms and molecules. It is fascinating to know that there are millions of invisible elements in the atmosphere that cause such real effects in daily life. (Schmelcher & Schweizer, 15) Physics and astronomy intrigued me and I kept myself enlightened with books such as black holes and time wraps by Kip S. Thome. My relentless questions soon became equally sophisticated as to why dark matter exists. There was no turn around for me at this point. The drive for answers gets stronger as more questions pop up and the more I know the more I want to know. In 11th grade, I discovered that calculus, biology, physics, and chemistry were harmoniously siphoned towards a greater understanding of the universe. Prior to this, I had thought them different albeit fancied them all.
Additionally, I took subjects like calculus BC, chemistry AC which backed with my considerable background in biology facilitated my understanding of the linkage between subjects like thermodynamics of the human body metabolism and the use of energy, electrochemistry and its relation to electricity and magnetism as well as the heavy reliance of integrals and derivatives to motion. This knowledge swelled up my intense interest in science and since then I have a deep-seated passion to understand the world around us.
College opens up new opportunities for me to broaden my knowledge. There I will be able to work with professors and experts who are authorities in this field of study. Moreover, I will have more opportunities to engage in research and exposure to academic programs. Here I will engage in critical conversation with other intellectuals who share my enthusiasm for knowledge acquisition and who can constructively contribute to and criticize my theories. The diversity at college is immense and as such an advantage because I can communicate my interest openly and be exposed to different worlds, cultures, and schools of thought.
College opens up a new chapter in my life; one of satisfaction and discovery and I enthusiastically sponge in each experience and comprehension of the world around me through science! Read More
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Science as Field of Study at College Personal Statement.
(Science As Field of Study at College Personal Statement)
Science As Field of Study at College Personal Statement.
“Science As Field of Study at College Personal Statement”.
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