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Although the company has a global presence, it is not as competitive as other publishers that operate on the global scale. The workforce in any organization is part of…
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Human Resources - Attraction and recruitment
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Human Resources - Attraction and Recruitment Pearson Publication is an international company that deals mostly with the publication of learning material. Although the company has a global presence, it is not as competitive as other publishers that operate on the global scale. The workforce in any organization is part of the success factors of business. It is therefore paramount for the company to review its recruitment policies and come up with a plan that will attract the most capable workers who will help propel the company to greater heights (Hor, Keats and Holmes, 2008). There are different attraction strategies that Pearson Publication can use to attract ideal workers to the organization and this are discussed below.
One of the ideal attraction strategies is to use their online presence to get the attention of potential workers. Websites not only provide businesses with worldwide exposure, they also are convenient platforms for target individuals to access the business. In the case of Pearson Publication, a website will enable potential workers get access to the kind of services offered by the company to its customers. They will be able to gauge the level of skills needed as well as what is expected of workers in the organization. The online strategy to attract more workers is ideal for the fact that it is able to attract people from all walks of life (Nankervis, Compton and Morrissey, 2009). The company will therefore be able to have a wide range of work pool, representing people from different backgrounds, and who can reach out to the diverse customer base that the company serves.
Another way through which Pearson Publications can attract high level workers is by carrying out open house sessions in the areas where its services are (Hor, Keats and Holmes, 2008). These open house sessions can be carried out in university and high school career days or during any other sessions that are designed to get the public to know more about different organizations. These sessions are quite effective in helping potential employees gain first hand information about the company and the kind of professionalism it expects from its employees. Recruiters attending these sessions are also able to gauge the expertise of potential employees before they actually employ them. One disadvantage of this kind strategy is the fact tat it only reaches a limited number of people (Nankervis, Compton and Morrissey, 2009). Through these open house sessions, Pearson Publications can get any employees they need to help them achieve their objectives in a certain business area.
Target advertising through media will also give Pearson Publication a chance to get employees. Target advertising can be done online and through different conventional media channels. For instance, if the company is in need of workers in an office in London, it can let potential workers know of their needed services through advertisements carried out in newspapers and magazines which they are likely to read. Target advertising is common since it gives companies the chance to specify the qualification they need in their potential employees (Hor, Keats and Holmes, 2008). Advertisements are also convenient ways used by businesses to reach out to as many of the targeted audience members as possible.
By adopting one or more of the various attraction and recruitment techniques discussed above, Pearson Publication is likely to employ some well qualified personnel to work in its ranks. This will go a long way in ensuring that services are efficiently delivered to keep customers satisfied, and to attract even more.
Hor, J., Keats, L. and Holmes, B. (2008). Findres keepers – How to Attrrct and Retian Great Employees. Sydney: CCH Australia Limited.
Nankervis, A., Compton, R. and Morrissey, B. (2009). Effective Recruitment and Selection Practices, 5th edition. Sydney: CCH Australia Limited. Read More
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