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Development attraction & retainment of employees - Essay Example

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DEVELOPMENT, ATTRACTION AND RETAINMENT OF EMPLOYEES Institution Professor Date Challenges that Organizations Face When not Focusing Their Resources on Developing, Attracting and Retaining Employees Developing, attracting and retaining talent still remains a challenge that many organizations are facing; they still have so much uncertainty on how they are going to handle the current economy and at the same time the staff (Sylvia 2013)…
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Development attraction & retainment of employees
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Download file to see previous pages There are situations where employees discuss their working conditions in the social media, and in such a situation the fall is usually on the employee who can not do anything to the employee (Jackson 2011). Many organizations find it a challenge developing a strategy that supports effectual talent acquisition; and this is overlooked mostly because most of the resources that are to be used for this are put into other things that are said to be ‘more important’. However, human resource planning is fundamental to the proficient management and prolonged success of a business, organization or even starting up companies. Often, many organizational administrators, due to circumstances overlook how resources are managed which leads to mismanaged top rank departments. Poor human resource management has both immediate and long term consequences on how the organization functions, policies of employee recruitment and management, and most importantly organizations profitability. Moreover, the one that has the greatest impact on an organization is employee development, attraction and retaining them; the heart of any organization are the employees and they also determine how successful it will be. When employees are denied some or all the required resources it creates poor working conditions not to mention the environment; moreover, an ineffectual and inadequately functioning department reflects the general condition of dealings in that particular organization and that it is not in any good condition to compete in the market. It also shows that; there isn’t any coordination or communication, poor decision making and grave blunders between the departments and the managerial sector (Dutta 2013). Significantly, in such a situation employee training and development strategies are improperly budgeted for and chances for recruiting or even attracting new employees are eliminated; additionally, the general goals and objectives of the organization are not met. The similar attitude of the high management and the human resources department quickly spreads across all the other departments and employee pecking orders; it affects the work ethics, causes personality conflicts and systematically eliminates team work (Sylvia 2013). Employees lack motivation and they do not put much of their skills and capabilities in the organization. Some employees are at their worst in negative working environments; and in cases where they are not motivated, lack of inducement and acknowledgment they automatically end up performing poorly and work output is of low quality. Employee recruitment and selection is an incessant sequence; and this mostly influenced by organization’s need for business growth, expansion strategies and requirements to complete or start off certain projects or assignments. In an organization that is mismanaged, human resources personnel with an apathetic outlook on things, poor or lack of communication with the administrators are not in any situation to address their requirements in the aspect of labor force (Jackson 2009). As a result, open vacancies and employment postings remain vacant; and in cases whe ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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