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The Leadership Self Assessment and Reflective Assignment - Essay Example

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Summary MGS 524 The Leadership Self Assessment and Reflective Assignment 31 July 2012 Part 1: Analysis Assessment Purpose in Leadership-management As time progresses in the multiple disciplines of business, academia, and the behavioral social sciences, it becomes apparent that various types and styles of assessment are essential and necessary for designing and implementing effective, proactive, productive management and leadership plans…
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The Leadership Self Assessment and Reflective Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Assessment type: The Survey Were you surprised by your findings? The purpose of planning and implementing ‘the survey’ as a strategy and method of assessment is effective in finding out specific information concerning specific populations or audiences. Whether it is an ordinal Likert scale of quantitative analysis or a nominal scale survey analyzing societal demographics, I have started, again, to realize that I am a part of the important population and audience that has shared meaning within society. However, I am also part of a dialectic society that must continuously and consistently try to maintain ethics, value, budgets, and integrity amongst dynamic change and norm/value diversity and adversity. When participating in a survey or assisting to design a survey, I am practicing strategies in participatory management. Interestingly, the planning, designing, and completion of a survey does result in surprising results. Therefore, the answer to the initial question is “yes”. I am surprised by the results of a survey…in which results are swift, unexplained, and blunt. Assessment type: The Interviews Have the findings changed your behavior in any way? The assessment technique of the ‘participatory interview’ process is not only intimidating, but interesting and thought provoking. In a sense, conducting an interview as a researcher or employer or, in turn, responding to the assessment questions as an interviewee are both critical components of the participatory decision-making procedures called ‘The Interview’. The conceptual nature of interview assessment is multi-faceted. Is it an example of situational inquiry, where someone simply needs to ask questions concerning the management of a situation and a response is required? Or is the interview assessment the important component of proactive, collaborative communication. I think the ‘narrative interview’ process is an important component and demonstration of the communication skills of good listening and effective speaking. Therefore, in answering the question… “Were there changes in behavior as result of the prospective findings”? Yes, narrative and situational interviews, as well as the basic job interviews, have the effective ability to put both the interviewer and respondent in positions of control and empowerment. There is a consciousness of appearance and intellectual perspectives; self-awareness, multi intelligences, and moments of reflexivity emerge within the context – the time and space – of the interview. Approaches to inquiry, whether personal or professional, often create symbiotic relationships. Both the interviewer and the respondent can exercise the concept of shared, purposive meaning, assessing if there are common values, purposes, and perspectives. As a very authentic Headmaster demonstrating leadership and management abilities once stated, “… the endless committees and endless debates about process, I still want people involved…I seek its voice all the time” (R. Evans 232). Assessment type: The Questionnaire Interesting thing about questionnaires, they are a strategic method in which I’ve been allowed to be creative and innovative in the approaches to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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