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Response to the post of Student 1: Suresh Sandararajan The answer to the first question is precise and systematically managerial in its approach. However, to say that defining policies and developing checks and balances for further correction and improvement is a generic response to practically all management concerns…
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Download file to see previous pages In communicating the vision for D&I, the post stressed that collaborative relationship should be fostered, and that the vision should be operationalized throughout the organization as a means of communicating the firm’s D&I policies. What is meant by “collaborative” relationship is, however, unclear as it relates specifically to D&I. Collaboration should be more explicitly fleshed out as to the parties, the activities, and the manner by which it is operationalized. “Collaborative relationship” could apply to all policies and initiatives of management, thus how it particularly advances D&I should be more thoroughly elaborated. The quotation from Anderson & Harris (2010) is well-taken, however, and would have been a good springboard for further discussion. Finally, the identified barriers to effective D&I implementation principally redound to resistance to change, which is a valid argument. However, the change sought to be implemented by D&I is more of a long-term transformation (Koch, McMillan & Peper, 2011). Response to the post of Student 2: John Kolojaco The post makes a salient point about the adoption of diversity practices as part of business norm, which this reviewer takes to mean the institutionalization of practices and behaviours which encourage tolerance of individual differences within the organization. The quotation by Rink and Ellemers (2008), however, is slightly misplaced as it assumes the acceptance of diversity among groups as a prerequisite to the adoption of more tolerant practices, not the other way around. That being said, the mentioned articulation of policies and a “living mission statement” are excellent but tentative first steps which must be followed by concrete action to ascertain effective leadership towards D&I. The answer to the second question (i.e., “making sure efforts expressed externally apply internally”) infers – validly, it appears – that most D&I efforts are ineffective because they result from a failure to internally apply what is externally promoted by the company. The implication is that so-called D&I corporate advocacies are used mostly as marketing slogans or catchphrases, to project a favorable image of the company that may engender stronger sales and greater profits. The principal issue therefore is the lack of credibility on the part of management as a result of the lack of transparency in its decisions and actions, which strains all facets of the management’s relations with its stakeholders (Tapscott & Ticoll, 2003). John’s sharing of his personal experience is well appreciated, and effectively delivers a first-hand justification of the contention that discrimination need not be ethnic, gender-based, racial, or one of the other attributes associated with D&I. Any perceived personal difference that sets an individual apart from the group (in this case, a difference in educational attainment) has the potential for discriminatory acts – a very perceptive observation from John. Response to the post of Student 3: Soosai Xavier The post makes an excellent case for the “obligation, responsibility and accountability” of middle managers to ensure the effectiveness of what is initiated at the CEO level (i.e., corporate commitment to D&I) at the lower levels. Dovetailed with the earlier ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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