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Response to Posts of Students - Essay Example

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Response to the post of Student 1: Kevin Gillin Among the practices which the first post identified as easiest to do are the first three practices which are (1) define diversity broadly, (2) commitment to diversity from the top, and (3) aligning diversity and organizational goals…
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Response to Posts of Students
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Download file to see previous pages (O’Mara, et al., 2011). Because the definition specified by the D&I benchmarks is too broad, it ceases to be a definition for lack of focus. For instance, most common among staffing requirements necessarily distinguish along the lines of “education, geography, work style, work experience, job role and function, thinking style and personality type” – geography to know that the applicant is accessible to work in certain geographic areas, and the rest to ascertain that the candidate can do the job expected of him. Their inclusion in the “broad” definition, as specified in the benchmarks, appears overly intrusive into management prerogative. If alignment of organizational goals and commitment to diversity are in accordance with the broad definition, such may effectively compromise business success or even survival. I believe that business prerogative has a right to discriminate according to education, work style and experience, job role and function, thinking style and personality type, and to specify geographic accessibility, when deciding among applicants for a position, because each of these bears directly upon the very reason for the applicant’s employment. Reference: Department of Commerce, (1999). Best practices in achieving workforce diversity: Vice President Al Gore’s National Partnership for Reinventing Government Benchmarking Study. Retrieved from Best%20practices%20in%20achieving%20workforce%20diversity.pdf O’Mara, J. & Richter, A. (2011) Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World. Retrieved from Response to the post of Student 2: Leslie Gaines The post identifies one practice as being easiest to accomplish, and that is the establishment of an internal diversity committee. The reason given is that the committee can be delegated the task of complying with or managing the nine other practices listed. The justification provided does not appear to substantiate the claim that this practice is easiest; in fact, it is the direct contradiction thereof. Because all the other practices, which are conceded by Student 2 to be more difficult, are to be discharged by the committee, then the selection of committee members shall be a most difficult task, with qualifying criteria of the most stringent standards, and pursuant to a most thorough selection procedure. Even then, the designation of a committee is but a delegation, meaning that top management may entrust the task, but not the responsibility and accountability thereof, to the committee. Holding the committee responsible is a dereliction of duty by management, which in the end must oversee the committee’s actions. The post further states that the item which does not deserve to be listed among the ten best practices is the distinction between diversity and Affirmative Action or EEO. The reason given is that the world is changing and that there is nothing the ‘good old boys’ can do to stop it. The implication here is that managers belonging to the old school would prefer to distinguish between the two for some selfish, improper reason. Whatever the reason may be, there ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Response to Posts of Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words)
Response to Posts of Students Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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