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Human resource development (HRD) Table of Contents Training Programs- Justifications using relevant theories and principles 3 Customer Service Training 3 Leadership Development Training 5 Program Limitations 7 Reference 9 Training Programs- Justifications using relevant theories and principles The case of Northern Snooker Centre Ltd (NSC) shows that the company needs to develop a customer centric strategy and incorporate a work culture driven by team work and group activities…
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Human resourse development (HRD)
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Download file to see previous pages However, in order to incorporate a new approach it is essential for organizational leaders to direct the efforts of teams towards the same. This highlights the need for an effective leadership development program. Customer Service Training A customer centric training must necessarily include quality aspects of services, after sales services, feedback and complaints, repeated purchases or even expansion or reduction of customer base. However, it must be understood that this training is not meant only for the customer service executives only. It must be aimed at both customer service executives as well as other employees of the organization. The focus must be towards enhancing the quality aspects of the services so as to expand customer base of the company substantially. The program must begin with training on soft skills. This would includes aspects like effective communication, call control, phone etiquette, maintaining rapport with customers, conflict resolution etc. Often soft skills play a major role in attaining the confidence, trust and loyalty of customers. Researchers like Schneider and Bowen (1995) have particularly shown a relevance of customer loyalty and profitability of firms. They have found that customer satisfaction not only influences the purchase intensions of customers but also their post purchase attitude towards the service provider. The positive relationship between customer loyalty and organizational profitability was also established by the research result finding by Nelson (Hallowell, 1996, p.28). The training can be delivered in a classroom environment in which both the extrovert and introvert learners would benefit. The initial classes on information sharing and exchange would benefit the introvert learners, and the practical sessions would benefit the extrovert learners as per the respective qualities of extrovert and introvert learners presented by Myers. One of the most crucial aspects of the training program must be quality. It is important that the quality of services must be maintained at all costs so as to maintain the loyalty and support of customers and enhance repeat purchase behaviour from them. If the customer support executive in the company makes a commitment to a customer he or she must abide by it under all conditions. This can be in terms of time, quality and even after sales services. Customer service training must be directed towards the creation of a business culture which is customer specific and aimed towards attainment of greater customer loyalty and satisfaction of customers. After sales service is another important aspect in which executives must be trained. This is particular important for enhancing repeat purchase behaviour of customers from the company. Failure of performance of a product or service creates dissatisfaction or discontentment among customers in which they might not consider purchase from the company the next time. In such cases, after sales services plays a crucial role in restoring the confidence of customers in the company all over again. Effective after sales services help to overcome potential flaws of the services and retain loyalty of customers too. Thus employees can be trained on ways to cater to customer needs and requirements. Training on etiquettes, politeness, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Human Resourse Development (HRD) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words)
Human Resourse Development (HRD) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 Words.
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